How to choose an office space for rent


Office space for rent in Kuala Lumpur can vary widely, depending on your needs and how flexible you want to be. Suppose you’re searching for shared office space in Kuala Lumpur, renting a small suite or room with other like-minded individuals who work from home. In that case, the price will be much lower than if you’re looking for a private office space for rent in Kuala Lumpur for your company.

Whether you are looking for ample office space for rent in Kuala Lumpur or something more modest, the first thing to decide is what type of business you are running and how many people will be working on site. This might also determine whether it’s more critical for you to have an address in Kuala Lumpur city center, where the cost of rent will be higher, or in a suburban area where the rental price might be lower.

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The size of office space for rent in Kuala Lumpur will also play a role. If you’re looking for something under 200 square feet, monthly rates shouldn’t exceed more than RM500. For anything more significant than that, plan on spending between RM1,000 and RM3,000.

When considering things like access to public transportation or an available parking lot for employees, you might want to prioritize location. Some tenants don’t mind taking a few minutes of their time to get to work, while others will pay more for convenience. It’s up to you to decide what works best for you.

Another thing to consider is whether you need a longer-term lease for your office space in Kuala Lumpur or if you’re looking for monthly rentals. A monthly rental agreement allows the tenant to cancel their contract whenever they want, but it will cost more on average than signing on for at least one year.

Word of advice: when you sign a lease for one year or more, always include an option to cancel and specify the length of notice needed to terminate your contract. However, this might not be possible in some buildings, and it’s best to find that out before moving forward with negotiations.

If you’re willing to put in a little time and effort to find a suitable rental, you can find a perfect space for your business that’s affordable and gives you the freedom to run your day-to-day operations as you please.

The last thing to consider is whether you want to go with a full-service lease or not. Some landlords will offer office space for rent in Kuala Lumpur, including heating, cooling, and often even internet.

Bottom line

If all of this sounds like too much work for your taste, take advantage of our Malaysia business center locator, which can help you find the right place for rent according to your specifications.

Whether you need a desk, a private office, or a whole floor, we have just the suitable office space for rent in Kuala Lumpur that will meet all of your requirements and keep you happy while giving your business a professional image it deserves.


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