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How to create a subscription video platform

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Believe it or not, the average person spends more time in front of the television than on their smartphones.

To be honest, people spend time in front of various screens. It is the digital age. Does that sound like blasphemy? Well, it isn’t. People spend four hours or more watching television. This is almost half an hour more than what they spend on their smartphones, which they use for about three hours and forty-five minutes.

With this, the number of people who want to see on demand continues to grow. More than 232 million people choose to watch their shows on demand, skyrocketing subscription video platforms. How have viewing platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon created a $ 22 billion industry?

Here are some steps that help all video platforms succeed.

Make a plan

Every good business starts with an equally well thought out business plan, and the same goes for your video platform. Your plan can help you build the foundation for your service and can help you visualize the goals you have for your business. When you create a plan, you will be able to fully develop and develop your brand. Finding out what or who that brand is can help you find your target market or audience. Not all subscription video platforms have to focus on movies or TV shows. It really depends on the content you want to create and the market you have in mind.

Decide your budget

Launching a video platform will not be easy or cheap, but it is a good investment. All your hard work and capital will pay off once you get your business up and running. However, just because you believe in your success doesn’t mean you need to push yourself to the max on your budget. Do your research, seek financial advice if you need it, and set a realistic budget for yourself.

Buy quality video equipment

If you are going to set up a video rig, of course you will need the right team. If your platform has videos that you create, then you will need good cameras, lighting equipment, stands, backgrounds, and even high-speed computers where you can edit videos. These are the things you shouldn’t forget to budget for because they become your tools of the trade.

Find an OTT platform

TO OTT platform o the over-the-top platform is usually an application that allows consumers or viewers to stream on their mobile devices. Video platforms are an essential part of any streaming service. Any complications with these platforms can cause the loss of viewers. An OTT platform is not easy to build or use. You may need the help of a developer to configure your OTT platform.

Build your audience

Building your audience is easier said than done, but you can always use marketing strategies to attract more people. You can even track your viewers’ data to find out their preferences. This feature can be included or incorporated into your viewing platform.

The way technology has evolved now means that companies can tailor content to suit their audience. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. An example would be the sections on streaming services that include “Why did you see this” and “What you might like”. Most of the time, you may not have really thought about these programs.


Subscription video platforms continue to grow. Although the biggest names are more easily recognized, there is always room for independent creators to find their way to success. Focus on creating a solid plan with a brand that viewers can trust and enjoy. Don’t forget to find or build a good OTT platform to help bring your service to your subscribers.

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