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How to Download Apps on an Amazon Fire TV Stick

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Finished setting up an Amazon Fire TV Stick and ready to start streaming? It’s easy to install apps on your Amazon streaming device. We’ll show you a couple of ways to get new apps on your Stick.

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What are your options for installing apps?

One way to get new apps is to use the Amazon Appstore app built into your Stick. Here, you can search for the app you want and install it on your device, all without leaving your couch.

The other way we’ll cover here is to use the Amazon App Store in a web browser on your computer. In this method, you find the app to install, send it to your device online, and the app is installed on your device. You may prefer this method if you don’t like navigating through menus with your Fire TV remote.

If you are looking for an app that is not available on the Appstore, you will need to Jailbreak your Fire TV Stick and download the app on it. This method is a bit more advanced, but you can learn how to do it by following our guide.

Download apps using your Fire TV device

To use your own Fire TV Stick to install apps, first access your device’s home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote.

On the home page, select “Appstore” to launch the official Amazon app store.


When the Appstore opens, you will find a variety of apps to install on your device. Here, choose the app you would like to install.

If you’re looking for a specific app, in the Appstore menu bar at the top, select “Search”. Then type the name of your app and select it from the list.

Innuendo: If your Fire TV Stick remote has a microphone button, tap and hold it to search for apps by voice.

Choose the app in the search results.

After selecting an app, on the app’s dedicated page, choose “Get” to download and install the app on your device.


When your app is installed, the “Get” button will change to “Open”, allowing you to launch your newly installed app. You can open the app from your app library anytime you want.

To choose

and that’s how you Get new apps on your Fire TV Stick without relying on other devices.

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Use the Amazon App Store website to install apps

Finding apps in the Amazon App Store on the web may be more convenient for you. If you want to use it to download new apps on your Fire TV Stick, follow the steps below. It’s easy to Delete the Fire TV Stick apps later if you want.

Start by launching your preferred web browser on your computer and opening Amazon App Store. On the site, sign in to the same Amazon account you use on your Fire TV Stick.

Once you’ve signed in, in the “Device Type” section on the left, choose your device. This ensures that the Appstore only displays apps that are compatible with your device.

Select a device from

In the same left sidebar, choose your specific model of Fire TV Stick so that only compatible apps are displayed.

Choose the specific device model.

In the right panel, you will see all the apps that you can use on your device. Select the one you want to install on your Stick.

If you want to locate a specific app, scroll up and use the search box at the top.

Select the app to install.

You will arrive at the page of the chosen application. Here, in the right sidebar, click the “Deliver To” dropdown menu and choose your Fire TV Stick. This is the device where Amazon will install your app.

Then select “Get App”.

Choose the target device and select

Your chosen app will start to install on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. When it’s done, you can launch and use your newly installed app.

Enjoy streaming content from various apps on your device!

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