How to go back to the classic editor from the Gutenberg block editor in WordPress – AN SIONNACH FIONN – News Block

If, like me, you’ve had a nightmare with the new so-called block editor when writing and publishing posts on your WordPress-hosted blog, then I have a (possibly short-lived) solution for you. Simply log into your WordPress account in your preferred internet browser, paste the following URL or internet address into your browser’s navigation bar, replace your blog name with the text “yourblog” and voila, you’ll be back to the classic editor instead of the infamous Gutenberg update.

I’ve bookmarked the new address in my Firefox browser, so you should probably do the same. Given the amount of unease about the new default editor imposed on its users by WordPress, and the general consensus among blogs and techies that the block editor actively prevents long-form writing, I’m surprised the option to retain the old coding hasn’t been retained. But then again, Automattic, the company behind the blogging platform, offers a classic Editor plugin for those willing to pay for an on-site business plan. So maybe it’s not so surprising after all. Just very disappointing.

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