How to jump to instant productivity with standing desks and ergonomic footrests? Tips and suggestions


    When used together, standing desks and ergonomic footrests can wriggle-out your fatigue within no time.

    You are as good as your last task! It’s the bitter truth that all of us have to face in the corporate arena. We are not indispensable, and live in the age of hire and fire. Come heaven, hell, high water, we have to prove our prowess at the professional front. Or else, there’s a likely replacement lurking around the corner. Let’s gulp it down with a pinch of salt, we cannot let our work-productivity wither under any circumstance. In the current office setups, which includes working-from-home-office (WFH), the standing desk has emerged as one of the best launchpads to productivity.

    A standing desk is very simple to use. It’s highly adjustable, which makes it usable by people of all shapes and sizes, thereby bringing the spine back into the ideal S shape. A standing desk also improves your back as it offers lower back support. And a standing desk looks visually appealing as well, thereby satiating your aesthetic senses to a good extent.

    Here are some benefits of using a standing desk

    Amazing posture

    Probably the best way to develop a good posture at work, a standing desk has become iconic of spine health. Adjustment-friendly and easy to use, a standing desk gives you the stance of a seasoned working professional. Once used with regularity, a standing desk transforms you into a confident worker who can tackle all the challenges of professional life.

    Back support

    A standing desk eradicates all your back problems as it’s equipped with perfect lumbar (lower back) support. Once your back is in good shape, you automatically begin to enjoy your work and even your personal life. Good backs are a token of productivity and confidence.

    Health, fitness, confidence, and productivity

    Standing desks keep you active as you can switch between sitting and standing during work. So, you are able to burn calories, and mitigate the risks of hypertension, diabetes, cardiac ailments, and stroke. Simultaneously, your mood adopts a positive outlook thereby brushing aside the ill-effects of depression, anxiety, lull, and stress. All these factors add-up to transform you into a productive working professional.

    Appeal enhancement

    Laced with minimalism, standing desks add aesthetic appeal to an otherwise dull working environment. This is what makes standing desks highly favoured by WFH specialists who usually work in an unappealing ambience. Appeal and good mood are directly proportional, and the ensuing work-productivity is the major takeaway.

    Profitability, savings, and ROI

    Standing desks ensure employee health and they can save a lot of money on medical bills. Standing desks nullify replacement costs as well. The confluence of these two attributes results in a healthy return-on-investment (ROI).

    What is an ergonomic footrest?

    As the name suggests, an ergonomic footrest is an office accessory that is used to fight foot fatigue. An ergonomic footrest is also very simple to use. You just need to place it under your standing desk and rest your feet on it intermittently. Ergonomic footrests have gained immense popularity because they provide instant relief to aching feet. Affordable and handy, ergonomic footrests are ideal in regular and home-offices. Ergonomic footrests can also be placed in exclusive areas of your office, where employees can use them whenever they want to.

    Why should standing desks and ergonomic footrests be used together?

    Working for long hours at the standing desk can have an adverse impact on your feet. Although a standing desk is based on the vintage ‘stand-and-work’ technique, extra working hours can render you fatigued. Here, an ergonomic footrest provides the best solution. By using an ergonomic footrest with your standing desk, you can ward-off foot issues and jump to instant productivity. The ideal combo of standing desks and ergonomic footrests fosters a good posture, and fights the other health hazards as well. 


    It’s recommended that you always use an ergonomic footrest along with your standing desks in order to be healthy, productive, and a confident working professional. The prospect of savings and ROI also multiply when standing desks and ergonomic footrests are used together.


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