How to Plan a Holiday Party This Year


Planning a holiday party can be stressful, especially if you’ve never been a host before. Your party should stand out from the rest this year so that your guest can remember it as a fun and special event. Here’s how to plan a holiday party this year. 

Choose a Good Date

Finding a date that works for your guests is crucial when planning a holiday party. This is the busiest season of the year, so you’ll need to set a date as soon as you decide to host the event. You can find a good date by asking your key guests when they would be able to come to a party. Key guests might include family or close friends. 

Determine Who to Invite

You don’t have to invite everyone you know to your holiday party. If you prefer more intimate gatherings, you can get away with inviting family and friends only. However, if you want to invite coworkers or anyone else, you’ll need to get your guest list in order so that you can start planning your invitations. 

Consider Activities

If there’s nothing to do at your holiday party, your guests will get bored. Luckily, adults always seem to find something to talk about. However, you can make sure that everyone is thoroughly entertained by giving them things to do during the party. 

For example, you can play holiday games or organize a gift exchange. Just make sure that everyone knows that they have to bring a gift. Also, set a spending limit for gifts and provide guests with inspiration, such as these Tipsy Elves white elephant gifts or budget-friendly tech gadgets.

Find a Venue

After you determine what type of party you’ll be having and how many people you want to invite, you’ll need to find an appropriate venue. You can choose to host your holiday party at your home, a restaurant, or somewhere with a little more charm, like a hotel. 

Consider your guest list size and the guests themselves. If your party is only for close family and friends, then you might not need to spend any extra money on a venue. However, if you’re planning the biggest event of the season and your goal is to impress friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances, then you might want to opt for a ballroom. 

If you are looking into venues, try to book your party months in advance. The holiday season is busy for hotels and party venues, so make sure that you plan ahead. 

Send Real Invites

Sending an e-vite is easy, but sending a paper or cardboard invitation from Simply to Impress can make your event stand out from all of the other holiday plans that your guests have. Real invites also give your guests something to put on their fridge so that they don’t forget the date. 

You can also allow your guests to RSVP so you know how many people will be attending your party and can plan food and beverages accordingly. 

Pick Your Theme

Not all holiday parties need to be black-tie events, but you can choose a theme to make the party fun. You can choose something as outrageous as a costume party or as simple as a secret Santa party. 

Don’t Forget About the Kids

If any of the people on your guest list have kids, consider setting up a place for the kids to hang out while the parents enjoy some free time. You can use a finished basement, bedroom, or any other space of the house to set up an area for children to play video games or watch movies. 

Set Up a Hot Cocoa Station

Your party is sure to have lots of sweets, but don’t forget the Hotel Chocolat hot cocoa. Hot cocoa makes for a comforting treat that adults and children can enjoy without worrying about too many added calories. Allow your guests to make their own hot cocoa just the way they like it by providing a hot cocoa station complete with a variety of toppings and add-ins. 

Planning months in advance can help enjoy your holiday party instead of worrying about it. Make sure that you let your family and friends know you’re planning a party so that they can clear their schedules and start shopping for their outfits. 


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