How To Simplify Complex Work at Your Company


The fourth industrial era keeps giving businesses enough reasons to redefine the concept of work. From giant European companies to their counterparts in the United States and, by extension, the entire business world, many businesses have all seen significant leaps of growth in this era. Thanks to the world’s fast-paced digital transformation, businesses are doing more in less time with less risk than before using hassle-free approaches. So, it’s not surprising that the best companies of the modern business world today have sufficient digital and technology backgrounds. They have the right tools to make their work environment a great place for innovation and reduction in operational costs. Here are some pointers on simplifying complex work at your company.



Every business needs the right people to grow. But how these people work is as important a growth catalyst as onboarding the right talents. How your business treats repetitive tasks can affect your productivity levels. Repetitive tasks are enshrined in almost all business areas, from production to customer satisfaction. Automation has become a go-to for many businesses today to reduce the amount of time and money spent on repetitive tasks. The first step of automation often requires identifying which area you need it the most and which digital opportunities you can leverage for improvement.

Take contact center solutions, for instance. Many modern call center solutions on the market today feature an auto dialer software for progressive dialing and improved customer interaction. As a business, more unanswered calls may translate to more frustrated customers and little CRM results. So replacing manual dialing for live agents with predictive dialing, which sifts through telephone numbers quickly, can boost agent productivity. The auto-dialer solution can make the work of call center agents worldwide easier. Smaller businesses, nonprofits, and giant corporations can access the same auto dialer system to place calls and provide customer support. There’s an abundance of choices when it comes to automating business processes. Even gyms and fitness studios can benefit from automation, see this gym management system website as an example.

Report Efficiently

Making complex work easier for work staff is a numbers game. And it’s safe to say data is the referee. Data is the mainstay of modern call center solutions to workflow automation systems. Companies inefficiently reporting data may already be playing a losing game. It pays to improve the reporting functionality using an intuitive platform like Workiva. Workiva is a one-stop shop for many administrative tasks and outputs, including financial statements, management reports, board reports, etc.

For Workiva customers, the compliance platform aids SEC reporting and avoids the struggle of meeting the U.S Security Exchange Commission’s deadlines. Many of them use Workiva’s platform as a great way to reduce complex tasks and achieve revenue sustainability. Workiva Inc., listed on NYSE as WK, set out to enhance business data through one data source, like a spreadsheet, at a time. The startup has evolved a great deal after releasing its OneCloud offering decades ago. Today, the Workiva Platform has a market capitalization of over $7 billion with over 5,000 workers worldwide.


Efficient data reporting leads to greater transparency regarding where a company stands, making complexities easier to manage. Only then can evaluation begin. For instance, if your business has a key performance indicator like an increase in the number of calls, you can bank on critical business data about your contact records. Making complex operations is not a one-off show. It’s an iterative process for a consistent uptime guarantee. Therefore, you may have to evaluate agent performance periodically for business continuity.

Evaluating current operations affords business leaders the space to identify inconsistencies and redundancies in their business processes.

Effective Communication


Your contact center’s function doesn’t only involve call agents. Sales reps, customer support teams, among others, all play a role. A truly efficient solution requires teamwork and favors adequate information for all stakeholders. Luckily, today’s cloud platform affords businesses convenient ways of managing their workforce online. Remote team members can make presentations, provide progress reports, and communicate efficient strategies that can help businesses simplify complex tasks further.


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