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You may not be able to live like a celebrity, but you can certainly travel like one.

Even celebrities know that summer is the best time to take advantage of the warm weather, soak up the sun, and have some sweet quality time with the family.

Surprisingly, some of their destinations are more affordable than you might think. Learn to pack your essentials like a star, dress like a celebrity, and you just might see the paparazzi taking photos of you.

Top Celebrity Summer Vacation Destinations

Oh Mexico, you can’t beat the location and affordability of Mexico. Even Kourtney Kardashian admits that Mexico is the ideal summer getaway to avoid fighting jet lag, but still, it feels like you’re miles away.

If you want to travel like a Kardashian, try going to Punta Mita in Mexico. Some Airbnb locations are right next to the beach and are very affordable – less than $100 a night.

It’s summer, so the truth is that nothing beats the beach. That’s why Miami Beach, Florida may be well known, but it’s still the number one spot for celebrities. The Jonas brothers love to frequent Miami Beach, especially on a yacht.

Fortunately, you don’t have to own a yacht to enjoy Miami’s sandy beaches like the Jonas brothers. Airbnb is once again the more affordable option, but this time, try a yacht. That’s right, you can even find yachts listed on Airbnb. Split the price with a few friends and your dream vacation easily becomes a reality.

If you’re still feeling beachy (which we know you are), head to Paradise Island in the Bahamas and you just might spot Jimmy Fallon there. This place was featured in the 2001 movie, holidays in the sun, and is the ideal family getaway.

The resorts are average in price, around $150 a night, and there are endless family fun activities for parents and kids to enjoy. One of Fallon’s favorites is swimming with dolphins and other sea creatures at Dolphin Cay.

Pack like the stars do

As you travel to your celebrity-inspired destinations, try to pack like one, too. There’s no reason you can’t pamper yourself like they do. Here are some of the essentials you can try to pack in your carry-on next time:

  • Face mask – Chrissy Teigen recommends getting a facial on the plane. It’s a great way to kill time, gives your skin that beautiful, dewy, exotic glow when you land, and can even prepare your skin for a new climate, especially a drier one.
  • Silk pillowcase (or blanket) – Kim Kardashian knows that there’s nothing worse than looking tired after a flight. Do your best to catch some luxurious ZZZs by packing a pillowcase and blanket, especially silk ones, for the best beauty benefits.
  • Favorite book – Celebrities like Rosie Huntington are constantly on the go. To combat boredom, she makes sure to bring her favorite book, like Lena Dunham’s book, Not that kind of girl.
  • Lipstick – Women aren’t the only ones making sure they look as stunning as ever when they walk off the runway. Chris Evans never forgets his lipstick, because if there’s one thing you don’t want on vacation, it’s chapped lips.
  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses) – After you’ve spent all that time making your skin look bright and fresh, don’t waste it getting sunburned. Lupita Nyongo says that the key to her beautiful complexion is that she never travels without a hat or sunglasses.

Rock that A-list bikini

The final piece to feeling like a star is looking like one. People love getting fashion tips from celebrities. The best part is when your look is affordable.

Since everyone knows that the hottest place to be this summer is the beach, you’ll definitely want to stock up on swimsuits. Several of your favorite celebs are rocking swimsuits we love for under $150.

Selena Gomez rocked a simple one-piece while in Mexico this summer. The suit is from Krahs Swimwear and only $40. In fact, she helped launch the new brand while wearing the cute red bathing suit.

Emily Ratajkowski is another fashion icon that we love. You’ll find recent photos on Instagram of her wearing a brown inamorata bikini. This swimsuit is only $75, so you can feel as sexy as Emily.

And you can’t have a summer bikini list without featuring the gorgeous Ashley Graham. Her swim line, Ashley Graham x Swimsuits for All, is available to everyone. This summer she rocked a red, high-waisted, tassel, underwire bikini that’s just $98.

This means that whether you’re a plus-size, pear-sized or petite, there are plenty of celebrity-inspired looks to rock this summer.

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