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Say hello to the script editor.

Image of the new Google Home Automations web interface.

Even the most highly customized smart home has to play by the rules. But a new Google Home feature, called the Script Editor, could free you from pre-programmed automations and routines — you can finally program everything yourself.

We first heard about the Google Home Script Editor in October 2022. The feature is now available in public preview. And, for better or worse, the name “Script Editor” is totally on point. If you want to create advanced home automations and access some unique smart home features, you need to do some programming.

The good news is that Script Editor uses the YAML programming language, which is very easy to read and write (it also has an autocomplete feature). To get started with this tool, all you need is a bit of self-confidence and a quick run through Google’s tutorials. I also suggest that you play around with (or customize) Google’s example scripts. (Presumably, other users will share their custom scripts when this feature leaves the public preview period.)

Here are some sample scripts from Google:

The Google Home Script Editor is currently in public preview. You can access it from your web browser by visiting the Google Home Automations page. Please note that Script Editor is not a finished product and you may encounter some bugs. Also, the Script Editor will eventually come to the Google Home mobile app.

Source: Google

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