How To Use the Internet To Find a Job



The way Australians search for jobs in today’s world is a far cry from how it used to be. Before, it was mainly a matter of scouring the classified job ads in the local newspaper or examining available jobs in the local CES (Commonwealth Employment Service). These jobs were written on small sheets of cardboard. If you wanted to get really proactive in your hunt for a job, you would go door to door asking managers and business owners if they had any work going.

These days, you can virtually do all of your job search from home on the internet. You can even sit in on a face-to-face job interview online. The world has changed dramatically and so has the way we search for jobs.

With this in mind, let’s look at how best to make use of the internet to find a job.

Take Full Advantage of Online Job Boards

While you can still browse the job classifieds in your local newspaper, just about all available positions are listed online today on internet job websites such as Seek, CareerOne, and numerous other job search sites. One advantage of these websites is that they are updated in real-time 24/7, so new jobs could be listed at any time of the day or night.

You also don’t have to leave home to view the latest positions vacant. You can do it while sipping your morning coffee, in bed at night before you turn off the light, or at any time and from anywhere you please.

The internet provides convenience but also the ability to be able to look for work online multiple times of the day. Rather than just looking at the available jobs occasionally, check at least several times a day so you can be one of the first to get an application in for a new position.

Enable Job Notifications

To ensure you get updated instantly when a new job that fits your criteria is posted and so you can get your job application in early, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the notifications most of these job websites offer.

What you can do is set up your account so you are notified when a position is listed that matches the criteria you supply. Notifications can be received via email or text message, sometimes even via Facebook Messenger.

With notifications enabled, you’ll be alerted within moments of a new job posting being listed, which is a simple, yet powerful tool to have at your disposal.

Your Social Media Contacts Can Also Help With Your Job Search Efforts

Social media isn’t just a handy way to stay in touch with people or a medium to view cute cat photos and memes. Most people on various social media channels have built up extensive networks online, so why not take advantage of these online contacts to spread the word that you’re currently looking for a job?

Even if those in your immediate circle of online friends don’t know of any job opportunities, these people also have their own list of online contacts, so they can then spread the message to their network and see what comes of it.

You can see how powerful social media and online contacts can be. The other advantage is the speed with which your message can be spread. Within seconds or minutes, hundreds or even thousands of eyeballs could be viewing your post about looking for work. Someone is bound to know of something that’s available, if not right away, but maybe in the near future.

Email Potential Employers Directly

To be even more proactive, you can craft an email and send it out to businesses and companies that you feel you might like to work for. Don’t attach a resume at this point. Just send out an inquiry letter that states you’re looking for work, what you can do, and that you’re keen to work for them if and when a position becomes available. If an employer is interested (now or in the future) they’ll request more details from you.

The Wrap

If you’re serious about finding a job as quickly as possible, it only makes sense to take advantage of modern technology and the power and speed of the internet.


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