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How to watch all 13 ‘Halloween’ movies with Michael Myers in order

Imagine being a cool girl trying to live your life in Haddonfield, Illinois. It’s fall, and my God, you love case. You offer to do a favor for your dad (a real estate agent in town trying to sell a house) by leaving a key to one of his properties. Of course, he just so happens that at the same time, the guy who used to live there sees you, remembers everything about you, and then tries to kill you. This is why you should never do any any favour.

This is the beginning of Hallowe’en franchise, for you who are not Michael Myers heads in the room. (That’s based on a true story, FYI.) However, I guess I should have been told about the running of multiple movies by the title of this article. You are here because you are looking for how to look Hallowe’en the right direction, which is understandable. It’s a stellar season movie that should be in the top 10 of any slasher movie fan. (It certainly is in ours.) But when you get into the details of the Hallowe’en franchise, you’ll quickly learn that there aren’t just a couple of sequels. There are thirteen movies in all. A full baker’s dozen. And there are more planned! To what end, Michael Myers? TO WHAT END?

Something important to know: not all Hallowe’en movies are created the same way and therefore we are not responsible for the time you will inevitably lose if you choose to watch Halloween: Resurrection. It depends on you. But for the hell of it, let’s explore all 13 and their respective timelines because, yeah, you can bet your butt there are multiple. (Need more blood? Check out the best zombie movies below.)

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It’s the OG. The undisputed GOAT of the franchise. The movie introduces us to Laurie, who seems to mix with Michael Myers at random (more on that in a minute). He begins to stalk her, intending to kill her, but as multiple movies of her suggest, Laurie doesn’t go down without a fight. Of all the scream queens, Jamie Lee Curtis is the one to beat.

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Picking up almost directly where the first one left off, Michael and Laurie face off again, this time ending in a fight at the hospital. And while neither escapes unscathed, the fate of a central figure comes to an end…for now.

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Halloween III: Season of the Witch

For purists, this movie is rubbish, largely because it doesn’t even feature Michael Myers. For horror fans, it has become a cult favorite as the only standalone film in the franchise. There is witchcraft, Stonehenge and commercials. Do what you want.

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Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

like good, the majority fourth installations (except land before timewhich is a perfect franchise), halloween 4 will leave you feeling deflated. As the title suggests, it features the return of Michael Myers, but spends most of its time chasing the best of the first film to little to no effect.

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Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Good for Donald Pleasance for presumably working a multi-movie deal into his contract.

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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

To be honest, we’re still on the downslope here, but Donald Pleasance returns as Dr. Loomis, offering a bit of consistency. This one also features Paul Rudd playing Tommy, the boy Laurie Strode babysat in the first movie.

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Halloween H20: 20 years later

Good news: the timeline starts again with Halloween H20, which is an objectively terrible name for a subjectively decent movie. After the events of 1981 Halloween II, the film brings back Jamie Lee Curtis, along with a list of upcoming actors from 1998. Michelle Williams! Josh Hartnett! Joseph Gordon-Levitt! I mean, LL Cool J is here too. this is a party

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Michael Myers is beheaded (and survives). Laurie Strode is thrown from a building (and dies, after 24 years in the franchise?). Make it make sense!

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Rob Zombie really said, “I’m going to take this concept and just create my own universe.” classic rob. A bit of a reinvention based on the original, Hallowe’en it manages to give Michael Myers a little more backstory (and relies heavily on Laurie Strode being Michael’s sister), but it didn’t really stand a chance of unseating the original.

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For whatever reason, Octavia Spencer and Weird Al Yankovich are in this sequel. That’s all I can remember because the rest of my mind is absolutely drenched in all the blood and gore that outclasses the rest of the movie.

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In the 2018 reboot, Myers and Strode face off once again. Reworking the timeline, this Hallowe’en it only incorporates the first movie into its timeline. All these years later, Laurie is still upset that Michael knows he’s out there, even though her family thinks she’s crazy. That’s fine…until actually does it appear again

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Following the massively successful 2018 reboot, halloween kills It exceeded expectations and grossed over $131 million at the box office. Although it seemed like Myers was literally toast in that house fire, he’s back and Laurie Strode has someone on her side that she’s never had before: Judy Greer.

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Want Hallowe’en Really final in the upcoming finale of David Gordon Green’s latest Michael Myers trilogy? We doubt it! But that hasn’t stopped Jamie Lee Curtis from touting his latest appearance on the horror series as the “final reckoning.”

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