Hunter Biden of the Justice Department sells out. – News Block

Hunter Biden gets the expected handshake as he is really who you know. And, OF COURSE, Biden has to “endorse” him. Hunter can bury him and he knows it.

Leftists lose their minds over background checks and this fucker you perjured his gun form doesn’t even get a parking ticket.

Will the leftists demand that Hunter be hunted down and get his mugshots?

There is evidence that would find you guilty of multiple federal crimes; the kind of thing you’d be up against if your last name WAS NOT Biden, but in our nation’s two-tiered justice system, one for leftists and an entirely different, much tougher version for anyone to the right of Mao , anyone aware already knew that in a Biden Justice Department, even these traffic tickets are almost staggering.

But both Hunter and Big Guy are guilty of much, much worse. And Gorsuch knows it very well.|

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