Hunter Biden Plea Deal, Alito Revelations, Boebert Impeachment Articles, Florida Housing Ban – News Block

This week the Tories, Trey and Jay, take over the show! They begin with the plea deal offered to Hunter Biden. Trey believes that he shows that Hunter has engaged in a variety of ill-treatment and that the Bidens should have withdrawn before their support. Jay goes one step further and things may still be a smoking gun tying up with President Biden.

They then turn to the recent ProPublica report on Judge Alito. Trey was disappointed in Judge Thomas and his clear violation of ethics laws. He went in expecting a bigger story, but sees this as a big nothing. Jay agrees and doesn’t think the ethics disclosures matter much and he didn’t think Judge Thomas crossed the line.

After that there’s a dive into Boebert’s articles of impeachment against President Biden. Neither Jay nor Trey believe there is anything that can be made an impeachable offense and Jay believes it will only hurt Republicans in general.

They close the show with a discussion of the recent ban on real estate sales to the Chinese that will go into effect July 1 in Florida.

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