Hyundai Kona Electric Coming Soon to Malaysia: Three Tax Free Variants; price from less than RM150k!


It’s official – Hyundai Sime Darby Motors (HSDM) has confirmed it will launch the Kona Electric at the end of November. The SUV will be the first fully electric Hyundai model to be introduced in Malaysia.

Three variants have been confirmed. The 39.2 kWh base model – with a range of 305 km (WLTP cycle) – can be purchased in both the e-lite and e-plus versions, while the top-of-the-range e-max 64 kWh variant offers an autonomy maximum of 484 km.

The price is estimated to start at less than 150k RM, making it the most affordable electric vehicle in the country. Note that the price is including import and excise duty exemptions, as outlined by the government during the recent announcement of the 2022 Budget.

Now, the base model’s single engine is a 136hp unit while the 64kWh car gets a more powerful 204hp engine. Both have the same torque of 395 Nm. The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h is delivered in 9.9 seconds for the 39.2 kWh version and 7.9 seconds for the 64 kWh version. The top speed is 155 km / h and 167 km / h respectively.

As for charging, 10% to 80% DC fast charging with a 50 kW charger takes 48 minutes for the 39.2 kWh model or 64 minutes for the 64 kWh version. It uses a 100kW charger and that’s 47 minutes for both batteries, Hyundai says.

Regular AC charging with the 7.2 kW single-phase on-board charger from 10% to 80% will take six hours in the base model and nine hours and 15 minutes in the 64 kWh model. Charging times drop to four hours 20 minutes and six hours 50 minutes respectively with the optional 11 kW three-phase on-board charger.

HSDM CEO Low Yuan Lung said, “With the recently announced excise and import exemptions, we anticipate increased interest in electric vehicles in Malaysia. The arrival of Kona Electric is timely as it will offer more choice. broad for consumers who want a more sustainable and environmentally friendly driving option to reduce their carbon footprint. “

There are three exterior colors available so far: Chalk White, Misty Jungle Two Tone and Dive in Jeju Two Tone. The interior seat upholstery will be black or gray. Interested? The order books are now open and you can make your reservations for just RM1,000. You could click here to start your electric car journey.

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