I don’t understand why the government should give attractive contracts to NDC members at the expense of their own members – Kennedy Agyapong. – fast trending news – News Block

Hon Kennedy Agyapong, who is an MP for Assin North constituency, is not happy with the current government for favoring members of the opposition NDC party by giving them Juicy Contracts.

In his remarks, he said that when the NDC was in power for the past eight years, they provided resources to their members by marginalizing NPP members.

So you can’t understand why the government doesn’t pursue the same goal.

You can’t do this, let your members enjoy.

A stupid job compared to that of an assemblyman is going to parliament.

I am about to stop doing this and focus on my business to ensure that My Family is in a better position. Thus having a good, healthy and efficient Economic Well-being.

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