I found that my boss secretly changed my watch every day

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A WORKER was furious when he noticed that his boss was changing the time every day behind his back, which cost him more than an hour’s pay per week.

For months on end, the employee was no wiser than their management’s cunning antics, until they checked their worksheets.

The worker was shocked when he realized that their boss was changing the clock in time.  Archive photo


The worker was shocked when he realized that their boss was changing the clock in time. Archive photoCredit: Getty

The fed up worker took to Reddit to tell about their shock to find out they had been duped by their boss.

“I’m wasting 15 minutes a day 5 days a week because my boss is taking it off me,” the user wrote, posting under the name BreadstickNick.

“When I trained for this job, they told us to clock in 10-15 minutes early to set up all the software for the day. So by 6:45 am every morning to log in and open all my programs.

“Well, a few weeks ago I was checking the ADP on my time sheet and noticed that my clock was being adjusted at 7am every day.”

Outraged, the user said he decided to start stamping at 7am to avoid “working for free”.

But their boss quickly recovered and set the worker’s clock back 10 minutes to 7:10 am.

“I’ve been losing over an hour of work every week for months now,” the user added.

“It’s money wasted”.

The post received more than 900 comments, many of which sympathize with the worker’s plight.

One wrote: “For perspective alone – 1.25 hours a week is 65 hours in a year.

“You haven’t received more than a week and a half of pay.

“I don’t know about you, but losing even a week’s pay would be detrimental to my personal financial well-being.”

Another said, “I bet, this is DEFINITELY not just you! Your boss is fooling you, it’s time to show him how wrong he is!”

A third added: “This kind of thing really makes the blood boil.

“And what’s worse is that someone in the management probably received a money-saving bonus.”

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