I heard that our military academies are exempt from yesterday’s affirmative action ruling. – News Block


I heard that our military academies are exempt from yesterday’s affirmative action ruling.

Quoting here:

“However, the Court specifically exempted the military academies from its decision on affirmative action based on race. The majority opinion, written by Chief Justice John Roberts, said in a footnote that this policy does not it would affect how military service academies approach admissions, citing “distinct interests” held by those institutions.

“The special nature of military academies and their interests was addressed in a major amicus curia brief filed in Grutter v. Bollinger nearly 20 years ago,” said Lawrence Friedman, JD, professor of law at New England Law Boston. “The Supreme Court’s decision tacitly acknowledges this.”

The Supreme Court decision allows academies to continue race-conscious admissions policies that have historically been justified by the need for a diverse officer corps. As of 2022, the Department of Defense Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion assessed that while 19% of the Army’s enlisted personnel were Black, only 8% of its officers were Black.”

THAT makes zero sense. There is NO other effort that should be more achievement-based than the military.

Also, the basis for getting rid of AA’s insanity is a violation of the 14th Amendment. How is it possible to carve out an exception to a constitutional amendment?

In a combat situation, do you want your leadership to have become your leadership based on what they have accomplished or as a result of their skin color?

It is VITAL that only the best and brightest of our youth gain entry into the Academies that produce so many of those whose profession it is to protect this country.

And how is ROTC affected by this?

Most officers in the armed forces do not come from the Academies. The majority are ROTC’s across the country…now ALL at institutions of higher learning that can no longer consider race-based admissions.

Exempting the Academies will not achieve the objective sought by the Court. How they thought this would do more than lower the standard of excellence normally required for admission to the Academy is beyond me.

Of course, there could be a political element to this: appointments to the Academies are usually the result of Congressional nomination and, heaven forbid, any member of Congress is denied the opportunity to secure admission for whomever they want, whenever you want.

But in general, nominees don’t have to live with the consequences of their actions.

It is the troops in the field who do it.

Affirmative action, at best, is a continuing violation of the 14th Amendment. It’s not limited to colleges. It is a violation ANYWHERE it is practiced, including private employment and military recruitment.

It does not make any sense to keep the academies, which provide a university education, at a lower level than any other university.

While I was in the military, I didn’t give a damn what color my commanders were. The question came down to competition.

An officer’s competence has nothing to do with his race. You know what he is doing or not. You can cut it, or you can’t. And in the Army, as we said, there is only one color: Green.

Until now. NOW, special regard for race will become policy written under the cover provided by this madness as Biden continues his destruction of the US military.

This decision will lead to lower standards across the board. It will lead to race-based, rather than earned; promotion, assignments and schooling.

The argument that the military should put “diversity” before competence, ability, and achievement is insane.

Sadly, it’s yet another sign that civilians who have never worn the uniform have no more idea what that responsibility entails than that they can levitate.

And they completely screwed up the call here.


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