I played with Smith-Rowe at Chelsea


Reece James has revealed that he played with rising Arsenal star Emile Smith-Rowe at Chelsea Academy.

The 21-year-old defender he is statistically the best player in the Premier League ahead of Mo Salah in current form said he remembers how it felt to play with the Arsenal player.

Smith-Rowe who could make his international debut for England got his first call after Marcus Rashford and some players retired due to injuries.

Reece James, while carrying out his media duties in the England field as they prepared for matches against Albania, said that Smith-Rowe has come for rehearsal at Chelsea.

“I’ve always known he is the best player,” Reece James said when asked about the Arsenal player.

“He came to Chelsea when he was quite young actually on trial, ‘Do you remember he questioned the reporter'” Yes, I do. “

I remember playing with him and playing against him even when he moved to Arsenal.

“I have always known that he is a top player and this season he is showing how good he is and why he was selected.”


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