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IAFP seeking nominations for secretaries

The International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) has opened a nomination period for candidates from the government sector to hold the position of IAFP Secretary for 2023-2024.

The elected Secretary serves a five-year term on the IAFP Executive Board. The deadline for nominations is Tuesday, October 1. 11, 2022.

Information of the candidate for the position of secretary:

  1. Running for office involves a five-year commitment to the International Association for Food Protection. The first year consists of holding the position of Secretary. In subsequent years, they advance to vice president, president-elect, and then president. They serve as Past President during their final year on the Executive Board.
  1. Once elected, the incoming Secretary must attend all Board meetings at the next Annual Meeting. The Board generally meets on the Friday (all day) before the Annual Meeting. They will officially assume their duties at the close of the Awards Banquet on Wednesday night, but are expected to attend and observe all Board meetings held during the Annual Meeting. This provides important experience and reduces the learning curve for learning about Board business. In addition to other required meetings during the Annual Meeting, the (new) Board meets on the Thursday morning (until 1:00 pm) after the conclusion of the Annual Meeting.
  1. The Association pays travel expenses to attend all meetings of the Executive Board, except the meetings of the Board at the Annual Meeting. Travel expenses and registration fees are not paid to members of the Executive Board to attend the Annual Meeting. Additional room nights required for Board members to attend Board meetings at the Annual Meeting will be provided at the Association’s expense (this is typically the Thursday and Friday nights before the Annual Meeting).
  1. The Executive Board regularly meets four times a year. Board meetings typically last one or two days. Spring and Fall Board meetings are normally held in Des Moines at the Association office. The winter meeting is held at the site of the next annual meeting, as is the summer meeting of the Board.
  1. Attendance at all meetings of the Executive Board is mandatory. Each meeting has a full agenda and materials are distributed prior to the meeting. It is the responsibility of each Board member to become familiar with the agenda items prior to the Board meeting.
  1. During their year as President, among other functions, they write a column for publication in Food Protection Trends (generally 6 columns in the presidential year).
  1. If available, they may be invited to speak at IAFP affiliate meetings (both in the US and internationally). The IAFP is willing to pay the cost of airfare to send them to these meetings and the Affiliate group pays the local costs of hotel, transportation and meals.
  1. Organized campaigning for the post of IAFP Secretary is discouraged. Of course, they can encourage their friends and colleagues to vote for them, but a larger request becomes a hindrance to the process.
  1. The Association Policies and Procedures manual is given to the new Secretary and an orientation visit to the Des Moines office with the Executive Director will be scheduled. The orientation session should take place prior to the Annual Meeting and will familiarize the new Secretary with the operations of the Association. They will meet with staff and be introduced to the various jobs done in the IAFP office. The orientation will provide critical information that will enable them to make informed decisions in their role on the Executive Board.

Nominators may email a nomination letter and biographical sketch to:

Katie Swanson
Chairman of the Nominating Committee
c/o David Tharp,
International Association for Food Protection

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