Icelandic tourism advertising brilliantly mocks the Facebook metaverse


A few weeks ago, rumors began to surface about Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement a rebrand for Facebook (the company. The move would help the company distance itself from the Facebook scandals (the app) and contain the damage. So, Zuckerberg’s new focus is on the metaverse, an AR / VR social ecosystem of the future. Facebook’s CEO promptly confirmed those rumors, announcing that the new company will be called Meta, just as some leaks have indicated. Additionally, it offered a strange demo of the concept of a metaverse, a technology in which Facebook has already invested $ 10 billion. That demo was so unrealistic that it quickly became the subject of online mockery. Now, a whole country is getting busy. Meet the Icelandic Icelandverse, a brilliant advertising campaign to promote tourism on the island.

The utopia of the metaverse

of Facebook metaverse that Zuckerberg showed on stage at the company’s Connect 2021 event looks out of this world. A utopia possible only in futuristic films in which technology has evolved to the point of making its metaverse possible. Before exploring Iceland’s Icelandverse, it is important to understand this.

That’s not to say we won’t dabble in metaverses moving forward. And it won’t be the Facebook metaverse out there. Other big tech giants will develop their own AR / VR-based metaverses that can be used for both work and fun. And these metaverses will likely work together to meet the needs of all customers.

But the kind of experiences Zuckerberg’s highly choreographed presentation demonstrates is not possible today. They won’t be possible for quite a while because Facebook has yet to implement the technology and devices that can support it. Furthermore, the company has yet to solve the big Facebook (app) problem. The meta name change It hasn’t made all of Facebook’s recent problems go away. And you can’t just trust the company that made the Facebook app with a different social product that looks cool.

Like many people, Iceland understands this. And the country used the metaverse to create an entire advertising campaign promoting tourism in the country.

The Icelandverse is very real

As you will see shortly video ad below, Iceland doesn’t hesitate to throw a couple of punches at Facebook’s pivot in the metaverse. And if you’re familiar with Zuckerberg’s introductions, the Icelandverse will pay off immediately. The jokes come instantly and you’ll want to share this holiday announcement with all of your friends. Maybe on Facebook.

Ad Icelandic
Iceland makes fun of Mark Zuckerberg’s habits for sun protection. Image source: Youtube

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the metaverse, you’ll realize there’s something odd from the moment the guy above starts talking. Zack Mossbergsson. The Icelandverse Official Visionary Chief (CVO) looks strikingly similar to Mark Zuckerberg. Even the choice of the name is not accidental.

Mossbergsson procedures to introduce the Icelandverse just as Zuckerberg presents the metaverse. And this is where Iceland’s smart advertising gets really fun. Here are some of the CVO lines:

Hello and welcome to this very natural environment. Today I want to talk about a revolutionary approach to how to connect our world without being super bizarre.

Some have said it’s not possible. Some have said it’s out of range. We tell them that it is already here. Look seriously it’s right here. And what do we call this not-so-new chapter in human connectivity? The Icelandic.

Real reality enhanced with no silly looking headphones in our open world experience everything is real and has been for millions of years is completely immersive

Mossbergsson hits all problems with the metaverse. The universe that Zuckerberg wants is not real. To experience this, you need headphones that allow you to immerse yourself in a digital world. Or excessively digital elements compared to the current reality.

It’s all a big game for Icelandic tourism

Mossbergsson goes one step further to mock his Facebook counterpart by wearing some sort of mask all over his face. This is a glorious ode to Zuckerberg’s way of applying sunscreen during the summer, which has gone viral in the past.

Iceland doesn’t make fun of Facebook because it wants to compete with its products. The purpose of this announcement is to go viral and promote tourism. Those very real places that Mossbergsson showcases are a sight to behold. Like other countries, Iceland’s tourism industry has taken a hit in recent years due to the pandemic. What better way to tackle the crisis and remind the world that Iceland exists than to make fun of one of the biggest tech giants on Earth?

The Icelandverse is a world with such endless possibilities that they will stay here forever, ”concludes the fake Icelandic executive. “So join us today. Or tomorrow. Or when. We are really accommodating. “

Icelandic tourism ad is available in full below and is the type of clip that is expected to go viral. Facebook could help.


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