Idina Menzel takes her role as an ally very seriously. He Frozen star recently spoke with SiriusXM’s Fierce: Women in Music about her commitment to fighting for a more diverse world for her son, Walker, to enjoy.

“They are taking books for children who are gender-blind and non-binary children, and they are taking them out of schools,” Menzel shared. “I mean, it’s so annoying, honestly. So what we have to do is keep fighting,” said the actress.

Book bans have reached extreme levels in the United States and some regions are moving to close entire libraries in an effort to silence authors. In particular, books on race and gender identity are disproportionately targeted for bans.

Penguin Random House filed a lawsuit last month in an attempt to stop the state of Florida from continuing its efforts to silence certain voices. “In the 1970s, schools attempted to ban Slaughterhouse-Five and books published by Langston Hughes,” attorneys representing the publisher wrote in the lawsuit.

“Tomorrow, it could be books about Christianity, the founders of the country or war heroes. All of these removals are in conflict with the First Amendment, which is justly disinterested in the cause of the day.”

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees citizens the right to free speech. The amendment makes government censorship illegal. Many of those who speak out against the book ban accuse lawmakers of violating precedent and therefore breaking the law.

Idina Menzel is committed to doing her part as an artist and a mother. “I have a mestizo son,” the famous mother shared with SiriusXM’s Fierce: Women in Music. “I think it’s also with a lot of my black friends,” Menzel added.

“It’s not his job,” he continued. “It is not up to them to change the world and educate people. It’s up to us, you know?

Walker is the son of Idina Menzel with actor Taye Diggs. He Frozen star was married to The best man star for over a decade before the two called it quits in 2014. Walker celebrates her fourteenth birthday later this year.

Photo: Idina Menzel/Instagram

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