I’m sorry, but as a US Army Combat Arms veteran, I can’t urge my sons to enlist. – News Block

While our enemies train full time to kill us, the US Department of Defense trains full time to socially engineer us.

The madness is obvious to most who have ever served.

Hopefully, change will come soon enough to shake off the reliance on the left-wing and peace-not-war fringe mentalities that plague the US Military.

And with reliance on the military like it becoming increasingly clear that we should now trust?

Our government is making that task easier.

Here are two military recruiting videos.

One from Russia. One of the USA. Look at them both. So ask yourself: in a hand-to-hand situation, what would the snowflake portrayed by Corporal Emma in the second commercial be capable of doing to the Russian soldier portrayed in the first?

Beyond the series of very unpleasant things that would happen to her, since she’s kind of cute?

Rest assured our enemies are not wasting time trying to convince their gay or literate populations to enlist.

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