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Photo of Putin - used by The Sunday Times in their online story about Russia invading Ukraine
Photo source: Sunday Times

When I see the atrocities committed by Russian soldiers in Ukrainediminishes my hope of peace even once putin he is no longer in power. There seems to be some “psycho gene” in how they will inflict pain on others just to survive.

Decades of oppression under the communist dictatorship have instilled a bitterness and apathy that must be taken seriously if we are to understand why things are not happening as we would expect from a Western perspective.

Let’s be frank!

IF the events had occurred in any other country, the people would have risen in rebellion. That is not the case in Russia. We see similar signs in communist China, where people are afraid to express any disagreement with the regime..

putin must be stopped, but no one dares challenge his position – and the only man leading the democratic opposition, Navalnihas been jailed on the basis of a conviction that appears to be more political than anything else.

putin he doesn’t like ANY opposition. He is the very definition of communist thought. Destroy the opposition and suppress the people: a modern Stalin, to put it bluntly…

What are the chances of a peaceful solution?

It is always dangerous to make guesses, as everything depends on what happens in the coming days and weeks. But THERE IS clear concern that putin He doesn’t care what the rest of the world thinks. Like misbehaving thugs, he has no respect for the democratic encouragement of peaceful negotiations. His dream of greatness is his main focus.

He wants success at all costs, and I’m pretty sure he’s angry at the fact that his army isn’t as strong as he’d like others to think. His ’empire’ is slowly fading and he may stop at nothing. He won’t be ridiculed, and that’s probably his most dangerous personality trait.

Personally, I think he changed a lot when he got divorced from his first wife. I don’t know the whole story but has turned cold as Siberian ice when it comes to staying in power. He is so insistent on holding on to this presidency that one may worry how far this man will go to make it happen.

These are dangerous times…

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