In terms of dates, ComRes LAB 6% main survey is still the last –


I was a little ‘disappointed over the weekend that the only new survey was Opinium for the Observer and had dates of employment on the field from 10 to 12 November compared to ComRes from 11 to 12 November. Generally, with Internet surveys most of the sample responds on the first day of field work, so it is difficult to compare Opinium with ComRes.

At first glance the latter with its 40% LAB share looks like it could be an outlier, but we need to see more polls.

My feeling is that the Starmer party is just ahead, but I will need more convincing data that it is at 40%.

Another point to keep in mind it is that it is ComRes Opinium probe on British base rather than on British base, while the rest of the major pollsters working on British base.

Mike Smithson


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