inappropriate. Sean Parnell is unsuitable.


This story begins
to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

The ex-wife of the Republican Senate candidate Sean Parnell testified under oath Monday that he choked her until she bit him to escape, that he beat their young children, and that he threw her at her with obscenities and insults.

In tearful testimony, Laurie Snell told a family court judge that her husband once called her a “whore” and a “piece of shit” while nailing her. On another occasion, he said, Parnell slapped a child hard enough to leave fingerprint marks on the back of the child’s shirt. And she said that he once got so angry that he punched a closet door with such force that it hit a child’s face and left a bruise. He said Parnell told his son, “It was your fault.”

He also testified that after a Thanksgiving trip in 2008, he briefly forced her out of their vehicle along a freeway after he got mad at her, telling her to “go have an abortion.”

Parnell campaign website:

I am in favor of life and will always vote to protect the unborn.

So, Thanksgiving 2008 was 13 years ago.
According to The Week:

Monday was the first of three days of custody hearings in the family court. Snell seeks primary custody of their three children, aged between 8 and 12.


For the record, there’s this from The Inky:

In a statement released by his campaign, Parnell,
a decorated army veteran who served in Afghanistan and what?
approved this summer by former President Donald Trump, he vigorously contested his wife’s claims, calling a number of them “lies” and said he was looking forward to refuting them when he presents his case next week.

“Let me emphatically state: I have never raised a hand in anger at my wife or any of our three children,” the statement said. “What happened in court today was not justice, nor did it have any basis of fact or truth.”

The story took a lot of hold and went as far as:

If Laurie Snell’s story is true (I don’t doubt it – her done testify under oath, you know – I’m just creating a if-then argument) then Sean Parnell has no right to be within 100 meters of her or their kids.

But that part is up to the court to decide.

If Ms. Snell’s story is true, then she is a victim of domestic abuse.

And Sean Parnell is not eligible for the position.


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