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Even the most sensation-prone movie scriptwriters could never have guessed this one. Incitement to violence and rebellion IS illegal, and there is no way around it. Twitter, Facebook and instagram They have already removed numerous updates from donald trump that you are about to destroy his legacy with your failure to acknowledge that Joe Biden he won the elections in November.

Even the most ardent Trump supporters can’t be that dumb…

Apparently some are, and some of these people mugged capitol hill Wednesday. A shocking display of violence and stupidity, and truly a very bad way to end a Presidency, even for someone like donald trump.

Violence is NEVER a solution!

At a time when the people in the Trump administration are jumping ship, some still insist on harping on the wrong conclusion. There is absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing during the election, despite some fanatics holding their heads up to the point that they would do ANYTHING to keep Donald Trump in office, completely ignoring any factual evidence as ‘news’. false’. ..

If you haven’t already read my previous two articles on this topic, namely Democracy 101: Will Republicans and Democrats Face Off on the Fundamentals of Any Democracy? and Polarization, anecdotal evidence and lack of unity in societies, I recommend that you do this as soon as possible. This is important!

Time will tell what happens in these last weeks before opening day when the president-elect Joe Biden is sworn in as the next president. No one can anticipate the thugs’ next steps, and it’s a tall order to rally America. It has become a highly polarized society, and we need a strong America to be a beacon of light in a dark world. Being such a beacon requires common sense to return to the center of people’s minds. I hope that happens when the next president takes office.

A constitutional amendment may have to deal with this kind of scenario, and I’m sure the next president is well aware of the need to consider what should happen if someone even remotely as crazy as Donald Trump comes along. to occupy the position in the future…

Wishing all readers a good day. 🙂

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