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India – From dream team to dream team!!

Before the start of the 2011 World Cup, a much talked about topic was the probability of India being the dream team to win the 2011 World Cup. As always, India has been given too much publicity this time too.

On the contrary, the expectation of the dream team is being considered as the dream. A dream to win the 2011 world cup.

Surprisingly, the team, as seen on paper, is very strong, confident and a surprise package for many. Indeed, the batting has shown us the reality phenomenon of the paper team in the field. But when it comes to bowling, confidence is submerged in the pond of doubt!

Even as India rushed to the towering score of 370, Bangladesh managed to score a hefty score of 283. Even as the sports pundit commented on the loose end of bowling talents in the team, the India vs England match turned out to be a revelation. . A team that failed to stand up against Ireland actually brushed the bowling side of the Indian team to a draw.

The matter lies in the effective decision to let the authentic and relevant pressure management bowlers play who can regain the form of the Indian bowling team in the upcoming matches. Without a devastating and aggressive bowling side, the match cannot be played with the intention of putting wholehearted trust in the batsmen.

It is about time that the Indian bowling team realized what is in their pocket. Weapons for destruction or weapons for self-destruction!

~ by sportsvilla on March 8, 2011.

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