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(Photo: Special Counsel Jack Smith announcing Trump’s impeachment in Florida. CNN screenshot.)

By Rowan Wolf

This is the first time in United States history that a President of the United States has faced criminal charges for crimes against the United States. I strongly recommend that everyone who can read carefully read this 45 page indictment or listen to an audio version. I have included both options in this post. If Donald Trump is found guilty on all counts, he faces up to 100 years in prison and a maximum fine of $1,750,000. Waltine Nauta, who helped Trump move the documents and conspired with him to keep the documents, faces up to 90 years in prison and a maximum fine of $1,500,000.

MSNBC’s Ali Velchi has done a full reading of the indictment which is available wherever you listen to his podcasts or on Stitcher or Apple Podcast.


You can access the full indictment below, or from the US District Court of Florida Southern, for the following link Impeachment of Trump and Nauta, or read below.

Rowan Wolf, PhD

rowanbeach-thumb-220x328-436I am a sociologist, writer, and activist with a lifelong commitment to movements for social justice, peace, the environment, and animal rights. My research and writing include topics of imperialism, oppression, global capitalism, peak resources, global warming, and environmental degradation. I taught sociology for twenty-two years, was a member of the City of Portland Peak Oil Task Force, and maintain my own Uncommon Thought Journal site. You can contact me by email at (email protected). On a personal note, I am also a pulmonary hypertension survivor from the gift of donor lungs in 2011. I do my best to honor that gift by trying to be the best I can be and give the world the little gifts I have. Among them is a deep passion for life and the lives of all those with whom I share the planet.

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