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We all know the feeling; that little dopamine hit we get every time we see that someone has touched our hearts in an Instagram post, showing their digital approval of our content. Social media likes not only show us who is enjoying our content, but can also help drive our content to others.

There’s a reason most of the big accounts on Instagram post content that regularly gets thousands of likes. It’s because these posters have built up a following over time, with their posts reaching hundreds of thousands (sometimes even millions) of followers. With this kind of exposure, it’s no wonder some people are considered Instagram influencers.

For the digital entrepreneur looking to make a name for himself in the social giant, getting consistent engagement is the best way to get your brand in front of more users. This means posting content that engages people, making sure you’re using the right hashtags to get your content in front of the people who are already looking for it, and doing everything you can to engage with your audience.

What are some ways to get more likes and engagement for your page on Instagram? Let’s go over some tips and tricks to increase your engagement, increase the number of likes you get, and make your brand an authority in your niche.

Human tendencies and first impressions

It is important to remember that we are all human. We tend to gravitate towards accounts that already have larger numbers in the Likes and Followers tabs. After all, these higher numbers make these pages seem more trustworthy, right? People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and some of these pages can provide an outlet for that desire. They feel like they are part of a movement, something they are passionate about.

One of the biggest things on social media that many notice is that many pages get consistent engagement, while others in the same niche get virtually none. While this is a sad reality that many digital personalities and entrepreneurs struggle with, it is also true. The tactics these larger accounts use work.

Given enough time, along with some trial and error, you can make it work for you, too. You can create content that makes its first appearances so that potential new followers want to hit the like button again and again.

How to rack up likes and broaden your exposure

If you’re looking to cash in on social media, making passionate fans and leads, it’s important to make sure your social media presence is strong. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you have a social media following.

Engaging your audience with relevant content and helping keep them engaged with you is one way to keep your brand fresh in their mind. The number of likes you get can help persuade users to visit your page. After all, the more likes you get and the more attractive your posts are to others, the more authority you seem to have in your niche.

So what are some surefire ways to get the commitment you’re looking for? Read on to find out.

Create and share relevant and quality content

This one should be the most obvious, but many people overlook it and just want to post post after post of the same piece of content. Many people are just trying to promote their brands and forget that their audience wants to see real content, not just obvious promotions and marketing techniques.

If you want your posts to get more likes, make sure you post informative and thought-provoking content that is truly relevant to your niche. Your audience is already on Instagram looking for the things you’re posting, so the best way to grab their attention is by catering to what they want.

  • Include your face in the images: This can make you appear more approachable and open. No one wants to commit to an anonymous poster. Showing your face personifies your brand and makes it more accessible.
  • Use fun effects and filters: Instagram users love these things. You can use Boomerang for Instagram to create fun video loops or built-in filters to make your images pop.


Many people forget the importance of correctly tagging their posts on Instagram. It’s great that you’re posting great content that people will want to see, but no one will click that like button if they can’t see it.

Hashtags work like the Instagram index. People often search for things that interest them by searching for popular hashtags. For example, if you sell skin lotions or products, you might want to tag your posts with #SkinCare or #SkinCareRegimens.

  • Use popular hashtags: You can find popular hashtags just by searching for them.
  • Don’t litter your posts with them: Hashtags are great, but you need to make sure they don’t fill up your entire post. People are more likely to engage with a post that has only two relevant hashtags instead of several.

Hashtags put your content in front of the people most likely to be interested in it. If your content is relevant and engaging, people who see your posts through hashtag searches will surely start to appreciate it.

Purchase of likes

You can even buy likes. This practice has been around since Instagram first appeared, and it’s a strategy that has helped many digital strategists.

  • Less time spent generating organic likes: If you’re trying to grow your numbers fast, buying likes and adding them directly to your account is a quick and easy way to increase your position on Instagram.
  • It quickly makes you seem more believable: Like it or not, likes are what influence people’s opinions about a post. When these people are potential customers, it’s important to influence their direction to build and grow your following. Buying likes on one post or even multiple posts can help you get more exposure and credibility even faster in your niche.

If you are considering buying likes for your Instagram account, make sure you use a reputable online provider like Buzzoid. Quality providers provide real likes instead of bots and will help you grow your Instagram presence safely.

Engaging posts and a large number of likes are the first impressions your brand will give to people on the social platform. It is very important that you work to increase your likes today so that you can benefit from the possibility of having even more leads tomorrow.

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