IoT News | Ayla IoT platform to power the Smart Mosquito Thermacell system


Consumers get better protection from mosquitoes, Thermacell achieves important commercial benefits, including market differentiation.

Ayla Networks, a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and solutions for consumer brands and service providers, announced today that its IoT software will power Thermacell’s first LIV Smart mosquito repellent system.

Offering effective mosquito defense on demand, the LIV system helps homeowners recover their patios and more from mosquitoes. Numerous all-weather repellants installed in any outdoor space spread a heat-activated repellent, creating large areas of protection.

Connected to a “Smart Hub”, owners can use the LIV + app to control and customize the system from their mobile devices or smart speakers.

“As our first solution that can be fully integrated into the home, we knew from day one that we needed to harness the full potential of IoT connectivity to deliver the ultimate in convenience and functionality.“Said Adam Chojnacki, vice president of innovation for Thermacell and GM of the Installed Systems division. “We turned to Ayla for her deep IoT experience in consumer products and ability to market. With Ayla’s platform in place, we can focus on what we do best: provide reliable protection against the mosquitoes that millions of people have already relied on us over the years. “

Enable IoT Business Transformation

The Ayla platform allows Thermacell to enjoy a number of important business benefits, including:

  • Ease of use thanks to the additional features that users need to control their system, including automation options that make it a completely seamless part of the home
  • Providing automated and highly relevant reminders based on usage, enabling a simpler replenishment flow
  • Full operational visibility of installed devices, enabling over-the-air software updates to release new features and simplifying customer service with direct diagnostic capabilities
  • A more comprehensive yet easier to use product to offer consumers looking for both performance and convenience when it comes to selecting a mosquito solution

Prashanth Shetty, Ayla Networks Vice President of Marketing, said:

“Thermacell’s LIV Smart IoT capabilities are made possible by our device management for diagnostic monitoring and over-the-air automation, and our secure and scalable data pipeline and advanced analytics applications.”

“The overall benefits for Thermacell and all other consumer brands working with us are the ability to create differentiated products, sell more units, expand margins, reduce service costs and generate new revenue.”

The Thermacell LIV system, scheduled for availability in February 2022, can be pre-ordered now from


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