IoT News | Satellite enters the US with the accelerator of the giants Qualcomm and Verizon


It will begin operating out of San Diego before the end of the year with telecom and IoT device experts from both companies.

Sateliot, the satellite operator that will launch a constellation of nanosatellites to universalize the Internet of Things with 5G coverage, will enter the US market later this year thanks to EvoNexus, the accelerator sponsored by the microchip manufacturer Qualcomm and the Verizon operator.

After evaluating more than 414 companies from around the world, EvoNexus recognized the technological and innovative potential in the space and telecommunications sectors of Satellite and six other companies, which were selected to develop 5G use cases together with strategic partners in the their areas of expertise.

Therefore, the support of this accelerator will allow Satellite will grow in the United States from its San Diego office, as well as working directly with telecommunications and IoT device experts from Qualcomm and Verizon, the world’s leading revenue provider.

This mentoring, training and networking program will also give impetus to the new round of funding that Sateliot is already preparing with an eye to US funds interested in its constellation of nanosatellites that will universalize the IoT with 5G coverage.

A boost to the technological and financial area

However, EvoNexus is not the only accelerator that has bet on the satellite in recent months. The company also participated in Seraphim’s Space Camp, the first fund in the space sector. It is a launch pad based in the UK, which in its latest edition brought together seven start-ups in the space sector to revive their business and attract investments.

The company is also part of the Singapore Space & Technology (SSTL) startup acceleration program, which provides satellite visibility with investors and serves as a stepping stone to developing its Asian telecommunications business.

According to Jaume Sanpera, CEO of Sateliot:

“Our entry into this type of project opens up new avenues for growth, financing and technological capability, while at the same time connecting us with strategic stakeholders around the world who will be the key to the evolution of our technology and our business plan “.

Sateliot is the first satellite telecommunications operator that will provide global and continuous connectivity to all the elements that will make up the universe of the Internet of Things (IoT) – such as the connected car or the connected home – under the 5G protocol. Thanks to a constellation of state-of-the-art nanosatellites, located at low altitudes and acting as mobile towers from space, Sateliot is the perfect complement for large telecommunications companies by providing them with the necessary infrastructure to extend their coverage where terrestrial technologies are not reached. .


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