IPH, Bengaluru staff participates in the 5th National Conference on Tobacco or Health


Thirteen members of the IPH Chronic Conditions and Public Policy cluster actively participated in the three-day conference of the 5th National Tobacco or Health Conference (NCTOH). This three-day scientific program focused on various public health issues and challenges in tobacco control at the national and subnational levels along with context-specific solutions for their replication towards achieving tobacco-free environments. There have been plenary sessions, panel discussions, symposia, oral presentations, poster discussions and workshops on many aspects of tobacco control that will pave the way for building effective policies and programs.

Dr Upendra Bhojani, Riddhi Dsouza, Anand Kumar, Kanika Chaudhary, Ketki Shah, Dr Pragati Hebbar, Vivek Dsouza, Dr Chandrashekar Kottagi, Kranthi Vysyaraju, Aishwarya Ashok, Praveen Rao, Achyutha Nagara Gadde and IP at this conference actively participated. 3-day national event held between 25 and 27 September 2021.
Dr. Upendra Bhojani, director, IPH Bengaluru on day 1 (25 September 2021) participated in a panel discussion and presented on “How should we address the commercial determinant of health?”, Was part of the plenary session of 26 September 2021 on “Emerging issues in tobacco control: contextualizing global interventions “and presented” Interferences in the tobacco industry “.

Dr. Pragati Hebbar gave two oral presentations: “Implementation of tobacco control policies in LMICs – a realistic summary to explain the process, its facilitators and barriers” and the second, “LifeFirst: impact of an intervention on tobacco at school and on the cessation of adolescents in Mumbai, India “.

This national conference was a boost to tobacco control efforts through the amalgamation of tobacco control professionals, health program managers, public health experts, civil society advocates, academics and researchers from various clinical and non-clinical disciplines of several states across the country under one roof who shared their contextual experiences and best practices in tobacco control that were intended to ultimately lead to advancing tobacco control in the country.

To take a look at the 5th NCTOH click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Drv30sDRoTU


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