Iranian gunboats aim machine guns and swarm of US warships in the Oman Sea (VIDEO)


The Iranian regime releases a video showing Iranian gunboats swarming a US warship aiming at them with machine guns.

American military news:

Last week, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) deployed gunboats in the Oman Sea and swarmed around the United States Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS The Sullivans (DDG 68).

Footage of the meeting was released by Iranian media sources. The footage showed IRGC gunboats swarming around an oil tanker and aiming machine guns at the nearby US warship.

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Iranian media claimed IRGC forces were preventing the US from committing an act of “piracy” against an Iranian oil tanker, but that claim has been refuted by at least one US official. The tanker in the video also appears to be a Vessel flying the Vietnamese flag called Sothys.

A US official refuted Iran’s claims:

… “We are refuting the Iranian claims that prevented us from taking this ship back,” the official said. “Here’s the bottom line: this happened last week. US naval forces in the Gulf of Oman observed that Iranian naval forces seized this tanker. “

“There were over 10 Iranian fast boats that invaded this thing,” the official added. “There was a helicopter seen flying around and, in conclusion, our forces responded to monitor the situation.”

The official also said the US refused to officially address the incident last week, citing “sensitivity”. The official said: “Iran is now turning this against us, saying they prevented us from taking this ship back when it is very clear that our forces were simply there to monitor.”

Here is the video:

It is not known whether the aforementioned “sensitivities” are related to Biden’s gang’s attempt to recast a nuclear deal with Iran. The Obama administration has given Iran billions to entice them to sign a waste deal. President Trump later called this the worst deal in history.

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We reported in June that Biden / Obama had returned in an effort to put in place another waste deal with Iran.

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Why should Obama / Biden ever give Iran billions?

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