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Is Biden’s law of progressive equilibrium about to collapse?

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Republican attacks on the president Joe biden they are collapsing and they have a price; In the past three months, Republicans and conservative groups have spent about $ 2.5 million on Facebook attack ads without success. According for Politico, that’s more than “more than three times what they’ve spent on Facebook ads targeting other prominent Democrats” like the senator. Bernie sanders and former president Barack Obama and “issues like socialism, fake news and ‘defunding the police’ combined.”

Biden’s opponents predicted the fight to go after him from the start, fearing powerlessness against a politician whom Republican strategists they have thrown almost too boring to demonize. Anti-Biden ads have targeted him in politics, but that approach is also suffering on the organizational front. An analysis conducted for Politico by the left-leaning news agency Bully Pulpit reveals a lack of thematic focus, a “spray and pray” strategy ahead of the midterm elections that has yet to change what CNN has done. labelled a “historically consistent” passing rating. “If I were them, I would be concerned about their ability to move numbers. It’s not entirely clear to me that they can, “said Obama’s former adviser. David axelrod he told Politico.

As Americans for Prosperity, the conservative group leading the online indictment against the president, targets infrastructure, taxes, and his “Build Back Better” agenda, the National Rifle Association is unsurprisingly running. attack announcements on Biden’s plan to “dismantle the 2nd Amendment.” Meanwhile, the Republican National Congress Committee is condemning Biden for continuing with his predecessor’s border wall project. And senator Ted Cruz it is claiming that Biden, who has created a exploratory commission To study possible reforms of the Supreme Court, he wants to “destroy the independence of the judiciary” by filling the court with “radical left-wing judicial activists.”

Even when the Republican Party cannot find a buyout against Biden, the more liberal members of his own party are increasingly restless. Lawmakers and progressive groups are criticizing Biden’s $ 579 billion bipartisan infrastructure deal for not sufficiently addressing liberal priorities like climate policy, and they are demanding more than Biden might be willing to give for a bill from reconciliation, between various points of tension between progressives and the White House on infrastructure, Bloomberg reports.

Infrastructure is far from the only item on the agenda with which the party’s left flank has become increasingly dissatisfied. Legislation on the right to vote is a central liberal priority, a fight that the White House is currently losing in Congress. “Taking care of their democracy and ensuring that we have the right to vote is an existential and fundamental need that must be addressed before the end of the year,” he added. Rahna eptingthe executive director of the progressive advocacy group MoveOn told Bloomberg.

The president is also perceived to be falling short on proposed immigration plans, restrictions on police power, and spending on social programs – concerns that add to the question of whether the unexpected honeymoon between the left and the White House is about to be interrupted. “I don’t know how the voters will turn out and vote for you in 2022 and 2024 if you don’t deliver on what you promised.” Tré Eastona senior adviser to the Battle Born Collective, a group that advocates for obstructionist reform, told Bloomberg. “What President Biden and the Democrats do now is decisive.”

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