Is Talitha guilty in a sham trial? The best theories on who killed student Hannah


Showtrial continues on BBC One this weekend following the high-profile trial of murder suspect Talitha Campbell – but is Talitha guilty on Showtrial?

The spoiled rich girl is accused of killing her former best friend Hannah Ellis, a working-class student.

But is he responsible for more than a few bad messages?

Here are the main theories as to who really killed Hannah and if Talitha is guilty in Showtrial.

Legal drama Showtrial is made by the same folks as Line of Duty (Credit: BBC)

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Is Talitha guilty in a sham trial?

Talitha Campbell has been charged with the murder of Hannah Ellis and is the prime suspect by the opening credits.

Hannah, a former friend of Talitha’s, went missing after working at a party, which Talitha attended as a guest.

Police found Hannah’s body the next day after it was weighed down and thrown into the river.

Evidence against Talitha has escalated, and not just because of a series of cruel texts exchanged between the two.

The crucial test? Hannah was strangled with the same green silk scarf that Talitha wore at the party.

Of course, this is the land of TV, and that doesn’t mean Talitha is guilty, even if she comes across as a total [bleep].

Mocking Talitha is the daughter of one of Britain’s wealthiest families and her lack of empathy for the dead girl is horrifying.

Just because she’s awful, though, doesn’t mean she’s a killer.

Did he take his frustrations out on rival Hannah?

Or did someone else find / steal his scarf and plant it at the scene?

Is Talitha guilty in a sham trial? Or what is Dhillon Harwood’s best friend?

With the murder trial fast approaching Showtrial, the legal teams must prepare for the trial.

Each team must investigate the relationship between Talitha, Dhillon and Hannah, which was clearly filled with resentment, lust and envy.

In the next episode three, viewers uncover evidence of a cover-up of a harassment allegation against Dhillon.

But the political mother Meera soon manages to resurrect some more salacious aspects of Talitha’s story and her relationship with her teacher to divert attention from her beloved son.

There certainly seems to be something very suspicious about Dhillon.

He seemed to be obsessed with Hannah and was constantly filming her.

In episode one, Dhillon’s mother reminds him that whenever Talitha got into trouble at school, Dhillon often got involved.

But could it be the other way around?

Of course, viewers know that Dhillon, the son of a prolific MP, is implicated in the crime.

Eventually he and Talitha are tried together for murder – could they have killed Hannah together?

Cast Showtrial: Abra Thompson as Hannah Ellis, Celine Buckens as Talitha Campbell and Joseph Payne as Dhillon Harwood (Credit: BBC One)

Did Troy kill Hannah?

The other obvious suspect after the first episode is drug dealer Troy Manners.

Talitha sent messages to Hannah prior to her disappearance, one of which alluded to paying someone to harm her.

And CCTV shows Talitha handing Troy what appeared to be a substantial amount of money.

Did Talitha pay Troy to kill Hannah?

Is Talitha guilty in a sham trial? Is there another suspect?

Episode two of five airs Sunday, December 7, 2021, so we may not have met all suspects yet.

There are five episodes in the series, so there is still a long way to go.

We are told that, in episode two, “a new suspect gives the police a different version of the facts.”

Of course, those of you who have gorged the entire series on iPlayer may already know the answer to the question “Is Talitha guilty in Showtrial?”

No spoilers here, though!

The second episode of the Showtrial airs Sunday 14 November 2021 at 9pm on BBC One. The entire series is available for viewing on BBC iPlayer.

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