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Is Victoria Beckham planning to conceive child # 5 within next year?

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Is an Victoria Beckham telling her friends that she is ready to have another child? It is reported this week by one tabloid. Gossip explores.

Is Victoria Beckham preparing for a “baby surprise”?

Release this week New idea reports that Victoria Beckham developed childhood fever after visiting a friend’s new twins earlier this month. According to the tabloid, Beckham was “the personification of maternal joy” in the arms of one of the newborns, Derek Blasberg. “After meeting the Derek twins, Victoria clucked more than ever!” the internal source is poured into the outlet. “She wanted another child for many years, but nothing came of it. She knows that time is not really on her side, so she tries to convince David that it is now or never! “

Victoria and David Beckham are already parents of four children, and the publication insists that they want to give it to their younger sister. The tabloid then turns to their oldest child, Brooklyn, who is currently engaged to actress Nicola Peltz. The tabloid admits that even if Spice Girl fails to convince her husband to become number five, she hopes that Brooklyn will soon give her her first grandchild. A source explains, “Posh initially thought she was too young to become a grandmother, but recently she has changed her mind.”

Then, to tie the two wild stories into one, the tabloid includes a short annotation of the engagement of the second oldest Romeo Beckham. The publication writes: “Romeo is head over heels in love with his girlfriend Mia Regan,” adding that he “told his parents that he was ready to ask this question.”

Victoria Beckham decided to have another child?

So Victoria is planning to invite child number five into her home? It seems that this is not the case. Despite the tabloid’s statement that she “wanted another child for years,” she herself stated that she was fine. IN interview with Washington Post in 2015, Victoria was asked if she wanted another child, to which she replied: “No. I have four! I feel like I did my bit. “It’s pretty straightforward. Sure, people might change their minds, but the complete absence of this detail in the tabloids is suspicious, to say the least.

The tabloid seemed to realize how implausible the story was. Towards the end of the report, he completely ditched the idea of ​​Victoria Beckham having another child in favor of thinking about how she wants to become a grandmother. Then, to further question the credibility of the media, the magazine published another unlikely story, claiming that the Beckhams’ 18-year-old son was engaged to his girlfriend. We doubt any of the dubious tabloid claims will come true.

Victoria Beckham Tabloid

It’s hard to trust anything New idea I must say about Victoria Beckham. Last year, the magazine claimed that Beckham and Peltz were arguing about wedding guest lists. The tabloid then implied that Beckham felt threatened by her husband’s rather new assistant. Most recently, the publication claimed that Beckham was launching a clothing line with Blake Lively. Finally, the publication claimed that Beckham was reuniting with the Spice Girls. Clearly, New idea has no idea of ​​Beckham’s life.

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