It is a fairy tale that world governments will solve our climate crisis. It’s up to us

The planet is beside itselfstrong zone; we’d better be even more out of our own. ‘
Credit: Jane Barlow / PA

It was inspiring to watch activists, especially young people and those from the global South, as this Glasgow policeman limped to his soggy end. They were at the top of every twist in the text and got major concessions from the big polluting countries. At the time of writing, it appears that the gradual elimination of coal and fossil fuel subsidies will be mentioned for the first time in a COP document and that there will be more money for southern nations to “adapt” to the climate crisis. The anger of activists echoed in the corridors and was heard wherever in the world he was listening. To the extent that this cop worked, it’s a tribute to their perseverance and creativity.

But was it a sea change in the way we deal with the global climate? […]


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