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Jacquees Arrested on Assault and Obstruction of Law Enforcement Charges

We previously reported that Jacquees was arrested on unknown charges and promised to give you an update on the reason for his arrest.

Well, it turns out that the singer and rapper was arrested on charges of assault and obstruction of law enforcement.

According to new reports reaching us on Dreddsworld, Jacquees has already broken free. Judging by the mugshot, he appears to have been beaten. His lips are swollen and his left eye doesn’t open fully.

He was last arrested in 2018, on a drug charge during a traffic stop. Rodriquez Broadnax, whose stage name is Jacquees, was driving a 2007 Bentley Continental when the incident occurred. Stanesha Boutwell was a passenger in the car.

Around 3 am, an officer said he used his speed detection device and saw Jacquees traveling 116 miles per hour on I-85 North. Police pulled him over and said they noticed someone throw something out of the passenger window.

“The vehicle came to a stop on the shoulder but continued to roll for a short distance. While taxiing, the officer observed an object being thrown out of the passenger window. Once the vehicle came to a stop, the officer approached the driver, who informed him that he had thrown marijuana from the vehicle,” Atlanta police said.

Police said they found more marijuana in Boutwell’s possession during a search of the Bentley and recovered about three grams of marijuana.

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