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It is possible that none of us would have become so obsessed with the disappeared. Titanic sub if not for James Cameronthe director who opened what became the biggest movie of all time with an underwater dive into the Titanic shipwreck. So if you’ve spent days of cable news coverage wondering what Cameron would say about the now-supposed missing sub, wonder no more: He’s spoken.

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Speaking to ABC News, Cameron, who notes that he has spent more time on the Titanic via underwater dives than the actual Titanic captain, calls deep-dive diving a “mature art,” implying that this Titanic submersible he was not quite mature. enough for the job. “I designed a submarine to go to the deepest place in the ocean, three times deeper than the Titanic,” Cameron reminded viewers at home. (He really did!) “I understand the engineering issues with building this type of vehicle.”

As others have done, Cameron notes that there were plenty of warning signs that a $250,000 ride on this machine was a bad idea. Would you mind drawing a parallel with the crew of the Titanic, who were convinced that her ship was unsinkable, even by icebergs? Cameron appreciates it. “I’m struck by the similarity of the Titanic disaster,” he told ABC News. “The captain was repeatedly warned about ice ahead of his ship, yet he sped into an ice field on a moonless night. The warnings went unheeded. For this to take place in exactly the same place is quite astonishing.”

There is actually some debate as to how much the Titanic’s Captain Smith ignored ice warnings, and in Titanic In itself, the captain comes across as much more of a hero than, say, the cowardly Bruce Ismay. Maybe Cameron is trying to steer us away from the absolutely exhausting door debate and towards a new piece of Titanic trivialities we can fight over.

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