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I’m sure you’ve read all the great pieces from our editor-in-chief Jennifer Van Laar last week about the ongoing FBI raid. Project Veritas journalists and its founder James O’Keefe, after O’Keefe discovered the FBI’s collusion with The New York Times about the raids against his people.

O’Keefe is my personal hero. If anyone embodied Andrew Breitbart’s legacy and what it stood for, it’s him. I lived in Chicago when ACORN he was in his heyday there, taking taxpayer dollars to flood the questionable voter registration system for gas voters and pro-Democrat game elections. I cheered when O’Keefe took them out and hoped he would continue with this job, especially after Breitbart’s death.

O’Keefe didn’t disappoint, and I continue to admire how clever he is in his investigations, who he chooses to target and how skillfully he crosses his T’s and his I’s points.

It’s the real deal and I make every effort to incorporate that detail, documentation, and activist mindset into my work. You regular RedState readers are all good at letting me know where I’ve been successful or where I’ve failed, and I really appreciate that.

So, seeing O’Keefe being targeted by the FBI simply for being good at what he does and who he targets is frankly chilling.

What is also chilling is what is happening with the defendants on January 6. I’ve gotten some requests to dig into some of them, but I just have so much bandwidth and so much time; so I chose not to pursue those requests. Other conservative media are doing a quality job exposing the false narrative and making up allegations, so I didn’t feel the need to duplicate. I follow the stories, and suffice it to say, between the attacks on O’Keefe and Project Veritas, and what they are doing to the defendants on January 6 cements the fact that we live in a police state. The FBI we’ve celebrated and admired in the past isn’t the FBI in 2021. I’m not sure where the rot began, but it’s completely riddled throughout the body of this national law enforcement arm.

Many of RedState’s contributors, especially those of us who are really good at investigations, have been a target in one form or another. Some at the hands of local or federal law enforcement. With the state of our government and the work we all do, we have no idea if we could be in O’Keefe’s shoes anytime soon. It’s a sobering wake-up call and a reminder to stay alert on all fronts. Personally, I have fake accounts out of Big Tech’s reach, some computer protocols and firewalls, and other analog and digital means to protect the work I do.

One of my gun trainers recommended dogs and guns as lines of defense to protect your home, and my family has both too. However, being violated in the middle of the night by law enforcement simply for exercising your right to free speech is the antithesis to what we should stand for in this country. Unfortunately, the ship has sailed a lot on this, and it makes it even more tragic that somehow it may not return.

While there may be limits to what we can do to protect ourselves from being targeted, we can work to protect our right to exercise free speech. To report the truth and provide evidence and facts, not just what is acceptable to Big Tech or the government propaganda weapons known as legacy media.

That’s why RedState and other conservative media use special content paywalls as firewalls. Between useless “fact-checkers” and targeting by law enforcement, conservative media run the real risk of being extinct. Speaking freely and protecting our right to free speech is what we do here at RedState and our VIP memberships help ensure that it keeps happening.

You are already many on board, and I thank you. But if you have friends or relatives who haven’t boarded the train, this is the week for them!

From November 8-12, we will have a sale of VIP memberships. It is very exciting, but also a pivotal moment, as I explain below.


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Your support for RedState will ensure that our constitutional and God-given right to free speech is protected and defended. If the First Amendment falls, everyone else follows it.

Thanks for reading and being part of the RedState Team!


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