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As fans eagerly await Jamie Foxx’s return, the star’s health remains a central topic of discussion.

At the 2023 BET Awards, a conversation with ET’s Kevin Frazier and Porsche Coleman, Jamie’s fellow actress, brought some much-needed clarity amid a sea of ​​speculation.

Porsche provided an update on Jamie’s condition following his recent hospitalization in Atlanta, Georgia. Providing a first-hand view, she stated: “I’ve spoken to people very close to Foxx, (he) is doing well.

“I hate that the media continued with the narrative of what was going on without having the proper information.”

Jamie Foxx poses on the red carpet at "Robin Hood" New York screening at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on November 11, 2018 in New York City© Getty
Jamie Foxx

Their concern reflects the flurry of speculation surrounding Jamie’s health after it was revealed on April 12 that the Oscar winner had been admitted to hospital for an undisclosed medical problem.

The actor’s representative emphatically denied previous unsubstantiated rumors that Jamie had been hospitalized due to serious complications from a COVID vaccine.

The rep turned to ET and claimed that such allegations, aired on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s online show, were “completely inaccurate.”

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Jamie with her daughter Corinne© Getty
Jamie with her daughter Corinne

These conjectures arose after an unnamed gossip columnist proposed the unsubstantiated theory on the Pinsky show on May 30.

The columnist claimed that the vaccine had left Foxx “partially paralyzed” and “blind”, suggesting that Jamie was forced to get vaccinated to maintain his Hollywood career.

Other erroneous claims included that Foxx developed a blood clot that resulted in a stroke. Unfortunately, Pinsky, the show’s host, did not dispute these allegations. According to NBC News, these unsubstantiated claims were irresponsibly amplified to millions of listeners.

    Jamie Foxx is still in hospital after a week© David M. Benett
Jamie Foxx is reportedly on the mend

Jamie’s 29-year-old daughter, Corinne, confirmed in May that her father had already been “out of hospital for weeks” and was actively “recovering”.

In an Instagram Story, she debunked the rumors, revealing that Jamie was not only on the mend, but had also managed to play pickleball, one of her favorite sports.

“My dad has been out of the hospital for weeks now recovering,” she posted. “Actually, he was playing pickleball yesterday! Thanks for everyone’s prayers and support!”

At the star-studded event, Porsche further elaborated on Jamie’s private nature. She said: “One thing about Jamie is that he has always valued his privacy. If you’ve noticed, Jamie Foxx has always been low-key. Even when it comes to dating, Jamie has always been reserved, so it never surprised me. A Once I heard the news, of course I reached out, but Foxx is doing it and Foxx should be doing it. He’s resting, he’s fine. And he’s coming back. Trust and believe.”

Jamie Foxx © Photo: Getty Images
Jamie is constantly improving

During their chat, Porsche also reflected on her time on the Netflix sitcom Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, where she and Jamie co-starred. She painted a picture of a vibrant atmosphere backstage, filled with laughter and camaraderie.

“Like I said, Foxx is someone I’ve always admired, and he’s an amazing personality to be around because whatever he’s on paper isn’t going to make it. So, you have to understand and be prepared; when Jamie gets going somewhere, you better go there with him!

Jamie Foxx stars in Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me.

“So, I look forward to seeing you. I know that he is doing very well and that he will come back, trust and believe. He has many projects coming up, a lot of music that I already know he has. So, I’m excited. I love you Foxx!”

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