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Jane Campion backlash for Venus, Serena Williams speech

The 67-year-old New Zealander took the stage at the Critics Choice Awards to accept her award for Best Director, kicking off her career for the first time. speech thanking his presenter, Taika Waititi, and praising the “incredible women” in the room. She also congratulated “the guys,” aka the male colleagues she was nominated alongside.

And it was then that Campion turned his attention to the Williams sisters, who are, as you may know, the subjects of the Will Smith– biographical drama starring reyricardo (also on the awards circuit at the moment) about raising tennis legends.

“Venus and Serena, you are so wonderful,” he said. said. “However, you don’t play against the guys like I have to.”

Twitter: @mavericksmovies / @Phil_Lewis_ / The CW / Via Twitter: @Phil_Lewis_

While the comment drew loud cheers from the room, it was obviously incredibly awkward, as evidenced by Venus’ revealing reaction to the awkward call.

The clip of the speech was widely circulated on social media, with many pointing to Campion’s privilege as a white woman, as well as the totally unnecessary disregard of the Williams sisters, who time and time again confronted both racism and misogyny within the tennis world. and beyond.

Jane took time out of her best director speech to tell two black women that she is more oppressed than they are at PEAK white feminism.

Twitter: @MissJodie / Via Twitter: @MissJodie

Others mentioned that Campion has benefited from nepotism, something that neither Venus nor Serena had in their careers.

Jane Campion, daughter of famous New Zealand theater director Richard Campion & actress Edith Campion MBE, explains the challenges of being a white woman from an established family to Venus and Serena Williams.

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It’s also worth noting that both Venus and Serena have competed in mixed doubles, which are tennis tournaments involving both men and women, and have won Several of them. The achievements of the sisters are also routinely overlooked for men in tennis.

The arrogance and ignorance of Jane Campion. Anyone who knows anything about Venus and Serena’s careers wouldn’t think of saying something so stupid and insulting.

Twitter: @gpfarris / Via Twitter: @gpfarris

And in general, Campion’s comments left a sour taste in people’s mouths, who found the comment to be a prime example of misogyny.

Critic’s Choice: The winner is Jane Campion! jane: thanks. Now let me attack black women minding their own damn business.

Twitter: @SashaBeauloux / Via Twitter: @SashaBeauIoux

In fact, the comment comes just days after the director was praised for calling sam elliota veteran actor who launched an anti-gay diatribe directed at the power of the dog. Some saw it as a prime example of white feminism.

Not even two full days where everyone criticizes her for calling Sam Elliot, and Jane Campion has BW names in her mouth unnecessarily. Intersectionality kicks white feminist butt every day. unique. shit time.

Twitter: @naima / Via Twitter: @naima

UPDATE: Campion has since apologized for his comments, calling them “thoughtless.” The director said in statements to the press: “I did not intend to devalue these two legendary black women and world-class athletes.” You can read more about her apology here.

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