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During last weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 daysGino and Jasmine’s first night together didn’t go as planned.

Gino just wanted to nap. He spent the entire day rejecting Jasmine’s advances. And then, while they were trying to make dinner, they both managed to annoy each other.

It should be remembered that Jasmine asked Gino to peel the potatoes. Without the proper utensils, she refused. She sulked and Jasmine screamed and cried.

Now, Jasmine has posted a cheeky video to respond to that scene. She is demonstrating how to peel a potato without the “proper tools”.

On YouTube, Jasmine Pineda posted a potato video, a tongue-in-cheek response to a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6. We’ve never seen her wield a knife before. (Youtube)

This is actually a pretty funny way to directly address the episode and show that the drama really wasn’t worth it.

This week, many months after Jasmine and Gino had a fight over a potato, she posted a video on YouTube.

As if she had her own extremely simple cooking show, Jasmine explained to people exactly how to peel a potato.


First, Jasmine addressed that different cultures have different tools for this.

In many places, people use potato peelers to remove the skin from potatoes. (And honestly, a lot of us don’t take our skin off if we don’t have to.)

But he noted that, in Panama, it is not uncommon to peel a potato with a knife. It is less efficient and you have to be very careful, but it works.

On YouTube, Jasmine Pineda demonstrated that it is indeed possible to peel a potato with just a large kitchen knife. Possible, but certainly not ideal. (Youtube)

Jasmine characterized that people in Panama only used a peeler on “very, very rare occasions.”

Sure enough, he was able to peel the potato with just a very large kitchen knife.

But… the presence of the “right tools” was obviously never the central issue when it came to his conflict with Gino.

Sure, peeling potatoes isn’t “rocket science” as you accurately pointed out.

But here’s the thing: sometimes people just need to get by. Manually squeeze a lemon to make lemonade, or use basic utensils to puree avocado for guacamole. Of course it’s possible.

Arguably, however, it is not necessarily considered to ask someone else “fix” and improvise. Being okay with doing something a certain way doesn’t mean someone else feels the same way.


Of course, at the same time, many of us might forgo making a certain food if we don’t have the right tools.

However, we can be “safe” if a loved one asks us to do something, even if it is not how we would prefer to do it. Sometimes that’s part of being a person.

You don’t have to do everything someone wants. But we can all make reasonable concessions. It’s part of getting along with the people we love. Gino chose a weird fight for no good reason.


And bring it back, yell, swear, and then cry because someone went into another room? Not very reasonable.

Gino and Jasmine may not have much in common, but they both behave in ways that lead to conflict.

The potato was not the problem.

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