Jayapal says spending law and climate legislation are worth passing even if Democrats lose their homes


Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-Washing.) He says that Democrats are worth passing the party spending bill and climate change legislation even if the Democrats lose the House in next year’s midterm elections.

“Of course it’s worth it if we’re improving people’s lives,” Jayapal said.

“What is the alternative? Do not do nothing. I mean, this is getting us nowhere … part of what we need to do is really understand the economic frustration people have right now. And I think it’s really important to us. “

On the idea that the grocery bill is a “messaging bill”, Jayapal has been stopped.

“It’s not. Ninety-eight percent of this bill was pre-conference. Ninety-eight percent of this was agreed within a framework that President [Joe] Biden to put out [that] It has now been translated into legislative text, “he said, noting that the remaining” two percent “would return a national paid family and medical leave program.

“I state that the paid leave has not been agreed. So, it will be something that needs to be worked out and all that is parliamentary, “he said, suggesting opposition from Senator Joe Manchin (DW. Va.), Whose vote the Democrats had to aggressively woo.” But the idea that this is just an account that has everything thrown in is not true. “

Yesterday, Manchin disparaged a “hostile” working environment to Congress which, according to him, is full of bias.

“Want to know what’s wrong with this place? I go to work in a hostile work environment every day. If you are a Democrat and a Republican is running for election, you should be against that person, “Manchin told presenter John Berman on” New Day. “

“If Donald is racing against that person, you should get money from your PAC to help the other person beat the person you worked with. And even sometimes they will say, ‘Can you come and campaign against such and such?’ And then we come back on Monday, and here’s a person we gave money against, “he added.


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