Jeffrey Clark refuses to cooperate as the 1/6 committee rejects his request for executive privilege


Trump coup co-conspirator Jeffrey Clark declined to answer questions as the 1/6 Committee rejected his request for executive privilege.

Here is a Statement by Committee Chair 1/6 Bennie Thompson (D-MS):

Mr. Clark’s complete inability to cooperate today is unacceptable. His refusal to answer questions about the former president’s attempt to use the Justice Department to overturn the election is in direct conflict with his supervisors at the Department, who intervened and answered the committee’s questions on these important issues. It is astonishing that someone who recently held a position of public trust to support the Constitution is now hiding behind vague claims of privilege from a former president, refusing to answer questions about an attack on our democracy, and continuing an assault on the rule of law.

As required by the House Rules, I considered Mr. Clark’s request for privilege and rejected it. He has very little time to fully reconsider and cooperate. We need the information you have and are willing to take strong measures to hold you accountable for fulfilling your obligations.

Unsurprisingly, the person chosen by Trump to take over the Justice Department and use the Department to carry out a coup does not answer the questions. Clark has damaging information about the coup plot and the conspirators, including Donald Trump.

It seems Trump is on track to lose his executive privilege claim in court, but the committee needs the Justice Department to step up and prosecute Steve Bannon.

Other co-conspirators will follow Bannon’s example unless the Justice Department prosecutes Bannon or the House overcomes the rule of contempt inherent in rep Ted Lieu.

The coup leaders are trying to run out of time, so action must be taken to make them fear the 1/6 Committee.


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