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Jill Biden Offered a Grammy to an Iranian Musician

Shervin Hajipour is an Iranian pop big name who wrote a Grammy Award-winning anti-regime protest anthem. The 27-year-old has been jailed and ordered to write down a untouched music.

He has been ordered to write down an anti-American music. Hahipour’s music gained a Grammy, offered in absentia by means of Jill Biden. (Democrats are invited to take part in award displays.) The music tells the tale of Mahsa Amini, the 22-year-old Iranian lady who used to be overwhelmed and jailed for no longer dressed in a hijab. She died in prison from accidents she won when she used to be arrested. The music has change into the anthem of Iran’s national protests. It’s titled “Baraye”, or “For” in English.

On Friday, the day of elections in Iran, Hajipour’s sentence of three years and eight months in prison was announced. He used to be charged with ‘inciting unrest towards nationwide safety’, ‘spreading propaganda towards the gadget’, and ‘encouraging family to protest’. He will have to scribble a untouched music to criticize the ‘USA’s atrocities towards humanity.’

The courtroom additionally imposed a two-year progress restrain on Hajipour. Human Rights Activists Information Company studies that he’s required to produce posts on-line about The united states’s “crimes” and he will have to summarize two books at the situation of girls in Islam. The ones will have to be 30-page summaries of the conserve “Woman And Her Rights In Islam” by means of Ayatollah Morteza Motahari and of “Woman in the Mirror of Beauty and Glory” by means of Javadi Amoli. He will have to pluck a direction on “behavioral skills and knowledge in the field of art.” This is some full-on re-education attempt being imposed on Hajipour.

The odd punishment used to be correct as it displays the “gravity of his actions” and used to be caused by means of the truth that Hajipour had no longer correctly expressed remorseful about over publishing the music.

Artists at Chance Connection excepted a observation.

In a long statementPEN The united states is asking for his speedy reduce.

“Shervin Hajipour’s sentencing is another awful attempt to suppress the independent voices who channel the demands of the Iranian people for basic freedoms. The Iranian government is attempting to silence a powerful movement spearheaded by musicians who believe in freedom and women’s rights,” stated Julie Trébault, director of Artists at Chance Connection. “The Iranian government fears the power of music to give hope and inspire citizens to dream of a better and more equitable future for all.”

He posted {a photograph} of the decision on his Instagram account. He thanked his legal professionals and control staff. He excepted some other controversial song utmost presen.

The northern Iran resident excepted but some other debatable music and tune video utmost presen, referencing his contemporary run-ins with government, with lyrics indicating that he’s the “trash who didn’t have anyone to post bail for him,” and that despite the fact that he’s “not allowed to sing (in public)” he’s the “trash that will stay in Iran to rebuild this city” and not shed the rustic.

The Iranian regime selected to reduce this details about Shervin Hajipour on election future. It used to be supposed to intimidate the ones susceptible to protest for autonomy. Voter turnout used to be low. The protests are stated to be an element that united some citizens not to move to vote.

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