Home Politics Jim Acosta tells Merrick Garland it’s time to target Trump

Jim Acosta tells Merrick Garland it’s time to target Trump


Jim Acosta argued that it is time for Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Justice Department to target Trump.


CNN’s Jim Acosta said:

As dishonest as Trump may be, he he can be extraordinarily sincere. Which begs the question. Isn’t it time for the lawyer? general to strike at Trump? Ask him. What he was doing, lobbying those electoral officials and his own own vice president to overturn the election results? You know he wants to talk. You know he wants to be put on That was. Maybe it will shed a few tears in hopes of influencing the jury. It seems that he is the only one to say acted in self-defense. Maybe he will have a judge whose the ringtone sounds like a song from a Trump rally.

Maybe he will tell inappropriate joke. Only then do you know where it is stand. If our justice system can’t stop those like Trump from attacking our democracy through threats and intimidation such as a Mafia boss or even using it outright violence, what is there to prevent it? happens again? This democracy is just as strong like people willing to protect it and if we don’t protect it, we will let it happen still. What is worse? Storm the Capitol or rent get away with it? Come on, Department of Justice. We have been waiting for you.

1/6 The Committee is doing a better job of targeting Trump than the DOJ

It is unknown whether the Justice Department is currently investigating Trump, but the Department of Justice led by Merrick Garland has expressed reluctance to prosecute the former president.

Acosta is right, the centerpiece of the wheel of political violence is Donald Trump. The heart of the attempted 1/6 coup is Donald Trump. If America is to protect and save its democracy, the cancer must be removed and that cancer’s name is Trump.

Is the Justice Department waiting for Trump’s state and local prosecutions to bring him down? Those cases, while very important, are not investigating the former president’s attempted coup.

Is the DOJ waiting for the 1/6 Committee to refer Trump for prosecution? It could happen, but there are at least months to go.

The Justice Department has the capacity to act now and, by not doing so, is allowing the man who might rightly be labeled as the Osama Bin Laden of American political terrorism to openly plan his next attack.



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