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Jodie Comer is not a dream

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Jodie Comer doesn’t have a “dream role.”

Jodie Comer

The Killer Eve actress doesn’t have any particular career goals that she wants to achieve, and she just wants to keep working hard and trust her instincts for what she needs to do.

She said, “I don’t necessarily have a dream role. I would like to continue to trust my instincts.

“I feel that when you find yourself in a good position and consider yourself successful, there are so many opportunities on your way that do not necessarily seem believable to you, but can bring you [something]…

“I think for me it’s really about continuing to work with people I really admire and want to learn from.”

The 28-year-old star will likely be looking for colleagues like Sandra Oh from Kill Eve, with whom she has a very strong bond.

She said Britain is fine! Magazine: “What’s incredible is that sometimes you can meet someone and that is a really strong bond.

“And I think I felt it with Sandra at the moment when I auditioned with her – this relationship in which you don’t need to talk a lot, but then, when you write the material, everything is somehow lost.

“She made an incredible impression on me. When the show started, I remember her and the writer Phoebe. [Waller-Bridge] were like: “This show could be a big event. We’re just warning you so you can get ready. “

The Free Boy actress doesn’t take her success for granted and knows it won’t last forever.

When asked by her advice for aspiring stars, she said, “Keep your head down, focus on what you are doing, and don’t expect all of this to be here tomorrow.”

“So she always hugged me this way.”

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