Joe Biden refers to Satchel Paige as “The Big Negro”


My latest in PJ Media:

Whenever Old Joe Biden comes close to a microphone, there is a very real possibility that he will confirm that of Barack Obama. famous saying: “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up.” In a Veterans Day speech Thursday, Biden made a gross error towards one point, said: “You know, I adopted the attitude of the great negro of the time, pitcher in the Negro leagues, became a great pitcher in the pros, in Major League Baseball after Jackie Robinson, his name was Satchel Paige. “

It’s pretty clear what was going on in the senescent puppet’s web mind: he meant that Satchel Paige had been a great pitcher in the Negro Leagues, and that’s absolutely true. But the “Imagine if Trump said this” scenarios unfold with particular spiciness this time. Satchel Paige’s 1955 vintage Biden characterization will be excused as a slip, as another brave attempt by Old Joe to overcome his famous “stutter”, while it is patently obvious that if Trump had made a similar slip, he would have been introduced. relentlessly from the establishment media as a Freudian slip, as proof that Trump, deep in his heart, craves the bad old days of Jim Crow and the slaver’s whip.

Biden, meanwhile, really likes his Satchel Paige story, but he never seems to get it right. When the pseudo-president met with the pseudo-Pope Francis on October 29, he strangely did he told him, “You are the famous African American baseball player in America”, to which the Pontiff woke up politely and without understanding, “I know”. Biden then explained, or tried to, telling Francis that Paige “threw a win on her 47th birthday” (she didn’t), and that sports reporters then told him, “Satch, no one ever threw. a win at the age of 47, “(that’s not true), and that Paige replied,” Man, that’s not how I look at age. I see it this way: how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were? “

That was a part of Biden’s story that was actually accurate: Paige really said it, and she was famous for her longevity. He even pitched three innings against the Boston Red Sox when he was 58, and as I’m 59 as of this writing, I can tell you from personal experience that those three innings must have been one of the most notable displays of athleticism that America and the world have. have ever seen. And that was actually Biden’s point: that he’s 78 and the pope is 84, but they’re vigorous for their age, as was old Satchel Paige, who mowed down hitters who weren’t even born yet when he started. to launch professionally.

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