John Oliver Lampoons A White Capitol Rioter – Deadline


In the season finale of Last week tonight, John Oliver opened the show by mocking a certain January 6 rioter.

After briefly ridiculing an FBI-wanted suspect seeking political asylum in Belarus, Emmy Award-winning host focused on Capital riot participant Jenna Ryan, who expressed a humorous lack of self-awareness.

Ryan, a Texas real estate agent, arrived on a private plane to attend a Trump rally in Washington on Jan.6 before storming the Capitol to pose in a photo with broken windows. During the event, Ryan in particular tweeted “I’m definitely not going to jail. Sorry I have blonde hair white skin a great job a great future and I’m not going to jail. Sorry I rained on your parade of enemies. I didn’t do it. nothing wrong “a sentiment that Oliver joked would be suitable for a” real housewives slogan.

“Jenna Ryan is actually right. He won’t go to jail because he’s actually going to jail, “Oliver said.

Ryan was sentenced earlier this month to 60 days behind bars for her involvement in the attacks on the Capitol.

In a local interview, Ryan told the press that he is preparing for his time in prison by watching YouTube videos about “what is prison like”.

“I don’t know what’s stranger there. Whether you look so casual or that an adult has to go to YouTube to find out what prison is like. I’ll tell you. It’s bad, Jenna! Really bad! “shouted Oliver.

Ryan, presumably after his YouTube search, also launched a personal video channel for viewers “to hear what I have to say and be well informed about alternative news”, before backing off and blurting out: “I just got it. invented. This is what I want. “

“We’re in hell,” Oliver intoned.

Last Week Tonight will return early next year with its ninth season.


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